Tuesday, January 8, 2013


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Forbidden Plantation Passions
by Victoria Night

Format e-book or paper back or kindle

 On a dreary December day during the Civil War, just when all seems darkest and all happiness lost, a miracle happens to show that love conquers all! With the battle at the very door of her plantation mansion, southern belle Savannah has no idea that she will rescue and fall passionately in love with a Yankee soldier named William. Find out if William put a stop to the crazy southern General who is obsessed with Savannah? Can Savannah save the life of the wounded man she loves? Can the beautiful African housemaid, Lucy, find freedom and happiness with Williams best friend? Can they all carve a brave new world out of hope, passion,love,sex and betrayals? Hang on reader, you are in for the ride of your life on this Christmas morning in Savannah Georgia in December 1864!
Genre Fiction / Romance / Adult
76 pages
Self published

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This is book one  a series

About the Author  Victoria Night is my pen name I am 38 year old and a single mother who lives in South Carolina. I am a woman of many talents. For many years she was a tarot reader and Reikki healer. I have also managed numerous online organizations, including a 30 website network of free divination groups. I enjoy writing and networking and doing for my handsome and gifted 19 year old son, of whom I am very proud.
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