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Circus Acrobat, Sommelier to The Royal Family of Denmark and AUTHOR meet Mycroft Magnusson

Sweet Money Won is the story of Rick and Liam, two low-rent con artists from LA’s Koreatown, who can’t seem to catch a break. Rick is addicted to internet porn and dangerous women, while Liam is a functioning alcoholic who recognizes he has a gambling problem—he doesn’t win often enough.
Desperate to avoid a visit from their leg-breaking Korean bookies, the two men get mixed up with Russian sex traffickers, in a scheme to blackmail a philandering congressman. Sweet Money Won blends character-driven suspense with a comic portrait of masculinity in crisis.

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Inhis own words...
I am a former circus acrobat and one-time sommelier to the royal family of Denmark, who later became an expert in election rigging (Ohio 2004).
I presently live in Lisbon with my wife and my ring-tailed monkey, with whom I sometimes do street performances (the monkey, not the wife).

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His early years were spent following his father, a forensic accountant for the British Foreign Service, around the world. By the age of ten, Mycroft had lived in no less than fifteen different countries--mostly in Africa, the Middle East, and the Subcontinent. It was at this time that young Magnusson's mother died of a rare blood ailment which was never fully diagnosed, and the boy soon began wending his way through the English boarding school system, ultimately finding himself with a oar in his hand at Oxford but no diploma.
As the only remaining child in the family, the lack of graduation drove a wedge between the boy and his father, and set in motion young Magnusson's journey to find his place in the world. Not knowing where to start, he traced the steps of great men from the past--Teddy Roosevelt through the Amazon, Gandhi in India, Jesus's forty days and nights in the Judean desert. Sustaining himself by performing the circus skills he learned as a boy, in a few short years Magnusson had navigated the world.
His most famous adventure which went awry was a failed solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean in a hot-air balloon. A fire forced the water-ditching of the airmobile, two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to Peru. Fortunately for Magnusson, he was rescued by Chilean fishermen, who had been lost at sea themselves for over thirty days. Only a short time later, he found himself manipulating votes in the basement of a house in Ohio (US).
Magnusson now lives in Portugal with his wife, a former Miss World contestant, and their two pets--a faithful black labrador, and a ringtail monkey with whom he occasionally does street performances in Lisbon.

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