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Jake Wilkes has ownership of his best friend’s bank account and winery and is engaged to the woman of their dreams. But he doesn’t have the highly coveted proof of North Carolina’s Lumbee Indians’ true origins. It was stolen it from his best friend, Bruce Black. His death made headlines. So Jake bravely directs his first presentation, ‘Lumbee Indians and America’s First Christians,’ which seems like a fiasco, and receives death threats and a proposition by an unassuming wordsmith. When Jake shares his true life tale of growing up with a Lum as his best friend he reveals a secret subculture and life on the swamp becomes a dubious ride to live to tell the tale. While a world away a second chance at love rides in on a turbulent tide. Set in rural North Carolina where moonshine, conjuring, church and fifty five thousand Lumbee Indians truly are as much a part of the beloved culture as America’s largest ongoing mystery, The Lost Colony. (Full Color Edition with vintage art available.)
About the Author

With a history in Language Arts, pottery, sculpture and military service, Stephanie has a diverse view. As a writer she interprets the world around her. Her works include short stories, full length fiction and non-fiction. She enjoys researching human behavior, sociolinguistics and psychohistory. Aside from writing for her children she has written stories for the nonprofit group, Wild Horse Rescue Center which is assisted by the environmental nonprofit, The Abraham Foundation. Visit online at Fiction on Fact with Stephanie M. Sellers.
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