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B. D. Tharp Author and Freelance Writer

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Feisty Family ValuesFeisty Family ValuesFeisty Family Values

A Novel by B.D. Tharp
When Annabelle Hubbard appears on her cousin Regina’s doorstep covered in bruises, the chaos begins. Within an idyllic neighborhood of stolid, family values and century-old houses, the cousins come to grips with family secrets, the ghosts of painful memories, unruly grandchildren, a life-threatening illness, and sexual temptation. Riding through the storm in their lives, the two cousins find that faith, family, and friends are all that really matters.

ABOUT B. D. Tharp
Born and raised in Kansas, B.D. Tharp spent much of her formative years in her grandmother’s kitchen as official taste tester. Although not much of a chef herself, she enjoys good food and believes all the best discussions happen at the kitchen table.
B.D. Tharp is the author of Feisty Family Values, a novel of women’s contemporary fiction. The sequel, Patchwork Family, has been picked up by Belle Bridge Books and is scheduled for release in March 2014.
An award-winning writer, B.D.’s work has been published in several magazines, a literary journal and an anthology. As a fiction writer, she has been honored for her short stories, a children’s picture book, and plays.
Visit B.D.’s blog to keep up with the latest news on her books and her insights on writing, family, and life.
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