Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lis Zadravec ~ Portrait of an Artist ~


They are all done in colored pencil.


The Other Sister, 10 x 10"


There is an alive-ness to Lis' work which
makes her subjects seem to want to step
right out of their frames! While her first
expertise is in using oils, she has perfected a
technique using colored pencils that amazes
even the manufacturers. Lis is actually using
the Maroger oil painting technique she was
trained in, but rendering the work in colored
pencils and other media. As both media are
wax based, the result has the same
translucent, realistic effect as the traditional
portraits she loves. But as always, she is
innovative in her approach to materials and
even surfaces. Born in Washington DC, Lis
she was studying in the adult program at the
Corcoran School of Art. On the collegiate
level, she studied again at the Corcoran as
well as at American University, Montgomery
College and with artists of the DC Color
School. Respected for her teaching as well
as her artwork, Ms. Rodriguez co-founded
Crossroads School of the Arts in Northern
Virginia, and has taught in venues in
Northern Virginia to children through the
adult level in venues from elementary
school level through college. Her personal
goal is, she says, "We all have been given the
directive to multiply our gifts. I can think of
no better way than to share mine while
watching more art be created than I'd ever
be able to do myself." Lis has raised two
children, built her teaching business & a

school. She has ambitions in both her
artwork and writing projects.

Forfarshire, 14 x 17"

The Juliette, 15 x 18"


Milo, 5 x 5"

Pulse, 8 x 10" 

Lisa Zadravec