Sunday, November 17, 2013

Interview with Alec Hawkes an English Chap With Strong Opinions Delivered with Humor but Packing a Punch.

At the pub a great place to pontificate and ponder new ideas for writing.

My name is Alec Hawkes, an English chap with a rather good sense of humour. I am in my early 50's, and have had no formal training whatsoever in how to write. That is, of course, since my school days. However, I love to read and I love to write. My writing style is all mine. My day job is a night job, for I am part of a nearly extinct species, the dear old milkman, unique - I do believe - to Britain. Please correct me if I am wrong. I have a deep affection for comedy, irony, satire, and anything that raises a chuckle or deep belly laugh, or even merely an eyebrow. My own books - two so far, with more to come - are satirical swipes at the political and banking systems in Britain. I am told that many a chuckle and raised eyebrow come from reading my books. My third, which I am working on now, will have a more international feel as I have a 'pop' at many more politicians. All in fun, of course, though with a serious underlying message for the buggers to TELL THE TRUTH!

Walking in the English lake district - my other great love.
1.     What inspired you to write about this particular subject?

I used to be very interested in politics, to the extent that I was even a member of the conservative party. I had
also been a union official, so I had seen both sides of the age old arguement.
Many years of being continually let down by politicians broken promises, coupled with a banking industry  that
makes an awful lot of capital by playing with OUR money and OUR lives. I saw this corrupt system collapsing
around our ears a long time before it did.

I also have a pretty good sense of humour, and hold a life long love of reading and writing. Over a period of time
this led me to wanting to write about the crooks and idiots who run (ruin) our lives. Many people write serious
stuff about this subject, which is heavy going. I decided to make it much more light-hearted and therefore - I hope -
much easier to read. Anything that gets people laughing and smiling is good I think.

2.      What research do you do?

As in actual, physical research - none. I just use my many years of accumulated gripes and complaints against a system
that always only ever works for some, but not others. I listen to many politicians, media people, and ordinary folk too.
I try to collect the 'juicier' bits from all sorts of points of view and put them together in a humorous way.

3.     Describe your writing in three words.

                 Witty.       Brutal.      Incisive.

4.        What other projects are you working on now?

Well I am doing a third book in my series of "ripping it out of politicians and bankers theme", it is called
"Arse About Face". My first two books  were very much about the problems in Britain, but in the third one
I am trying to include some 'international cobblers'. I fully realise that it is not just us peasants in Britain that
are conned by our leaders, but all over the world. I like to make the titles snappy, to the point. My first two -
I think - did that. "Common Sense Would Be Good" and "If Brains Were Dynamite". The titles give a big clue,
common sense really WOULD be good but it seems to have been lost along the way, and if brains really were
dynamite then one has to wonder if the lot of them would have enough to blow their collective noses.
In a similar way, many things in our modern world appear to be arse about face, so to speak. We exist to
serve the politicians and bankers, justice is withheld from victims of crime in favour of the perpetrators human
rights, etc etc.
I am also working on a series of humorous short stories called "Tales From The Stocking Top". Lower Trickle
is a fictional North Devon village in the west of England and The Stocking Top is the village pub, the focal point
of the village. The characters all have amusing names, for example; Farmer Saddlebag the grumpy old farmer,
Jefferson Hedgeclipper - a young gardener who is accident prone but very lovable, Jenny Brabust the captain
of the ladies dart team at the pub (Jefferson fancies her!), Mrs Cacklebottom who is Jenny's highly strung
Aunt and employs Jefferson to do her garden, Barbara Lushkins is Jefferson's best friend, and the landlord
of The Stocking Top is Ted Cruncher. Each of the stories features most of the characters, with more of a focus
on two or three of them in particular in each tale.

5.          Where can readers find your books on line?