Saturday, November 2, 2013

~*~ THE HOUSE ~*~ by Sebastiana Randone


The conception of my novel, The House, arrived one day whilst reflecting on the magic portals in children’s fairytales; the looking glass, the wardrobe, trees, rabbit holes etc. 

I ventured to consider these magical entrances as archetypal time travel entry points, and as I was embarking on an adult fairy tale, the inclusion of these interesting ‘escape routes’ enabled a fascinating journey of (self) discovery for my main character.

Propelling the narrative was that these gateways into parallel worlds would present themselves as a timely escape from tribulation. By conveying her on a pathway back to times that she, the idealist, had often fantasised about, set up a plot that asked the question – was she so obsessed with the past, because there was something in her that was seeking resolution from a former life?

Thematically, this book is as much about ‘past-life’ entanglements, as it is about discontentment with existing in a world that fails to meet ones expectations, whether through love, aesthetics, spirituality etc. It is about escapism, a comforting scheme that, since the beginning of the modern era and due largely to the ingenuity and creativity of humankind, has been accessible to all through books and art.
The House is an adult fairy tale, time travel romance mystery. 
Clad only in a torn night dress, a woman finds herself, late one afternoon, in an ancient forest. How she arrived there remains a mystery, both to her and the reader. Finally a frightful looking house arrives in view. Night is moving in and faced with the prospect of remaining in a wood, where only wolves and predators revel, she reluctantly seeks refuge in this unwelcoming house.  
Once inside, and taken aback by a most unexpected interior, she soon discovers a room where a magic portal laying in wait transports her to a Georgian estate.  A baleful altercation with a beastly, drunkard Lord of the estate (archetype to the evil wolf in traditional tales) sets the tone for this narrative. Unable to find an escape route, she remains confined in this somber historical setting for many months, interacting with a curiously dysfunctional household. 
Finally she finds her way back to the enigmatic house from which a journey to Regency London follows, where she meets with an interesting cast of individuals. Although it soon emerges that there is a relationship between the characters from both periods, the mystery surrounding her presence continues to confound all.
One foggy eve, a down cast man arrives and is introduced to the time traveller. When their eyes meet, an inexplicable sense of familiarity is felt by both. Returning home after a large stretch in Florence, the poet is instantly taken with this mysterious beauty, a meeting of which promises restoration for the heart broken man. Frustratingly however, there are obstacles hindering this unusual love match.  Soon a past life connection emerges, and by the last pages, many pieces of the puzzle form a startling picture. Upon the final curtain, the biggest surprise of all is revealed. With a conclusion, that, although bizarre is positive, like all good fairy tales.

 Sebastiana Randone lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is from a dance background.

From an early age, Sebastiana developed a passion for reading, and from that moment has never been without a book.

The desire to write ‘one day’ had been pursuing for a long while. Finally that goal was realised with the debut release of “The House”; an adult fairy tale set in the Regency era.