Wednesday, December 4, 2013

'The White Rajah' by Tom Williams

When James Brooke finds himself ruling his own country in Victorian Borneo, he starts with the best of intentions. Then the pirates come and he is on the run.
'The White Rajah' is the story of a man fighting for his life, who has to choose between his beliefs and the chance of victory. Based on a true story, Brooke's battle is a tale of adventure set against the background of a jungle world of extraordinary beauty and terrible savagery.
Tom used to write books for business, covering everything from the gambling industry to new developments in printing technology. Now he writes about love and adventure in the 19th century, which is not nearly as well paid, but much more fun. It also allows him to pretend that travelling in the Far East and South America is research.
Tom is the author of 'The White Rajah' and 'Cawnpore' and is working on a series about a spy in the Napoleonic wars. When he's not writing or travelling, Tom likes to skate on the streets of London or dance tango almost anywhere.