Thursday, April 10, 2014

A to Z Challenge "I" is for ICE

ICE is cool, smooth, refreshing and  delicious. I chose  ICE because  I love Ice (No angry cold winter comments please) . I live in South Florida, but when I lived in Europe I missed the massive amounts of ice we use in America, the sound of ice clinking against a glass.
I like Ice buckets and for dinner parties I add Ice to anything that should be kept cool by using double serving dishes, one for the ice and one on top for the butter, mayo or anything else that make sense and looks fun on my table.


When I lived in Europe especially in Sweden my friends found it funny that I owned so many ice trays! I refused to live with a lack of ice!

I have never been to China, but in the  winter (we are only three hours south of Orlando) We try to make a visit to the ICE exhibit at  GAYLORD PALMS
Where they have master Chinese craftsmen create a fabulous feeling to get a taste of the Harbin Ice Festival in China.

I added LINKS to the IMAGES in case any other ICE LOVERS wish to see more. Also if you ever get a chance visit an ICE BAR, great fun to sit on ice and drink from ice Cheers.