Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for HUMOR ...

Hilarious Hysterical Humor

Like ART with which I started the A to Z Challenge; HUMOR* is subjective and very personal . Today however globalization has enhanced international awareness, knowledge and humor has broken barriers and transcended crossing  borders and involving us all as a society. Yes of course due to the International press there were always  many things/subjects to be considered  GLOBALY funny but it is far more so today, find me a country that does not love THE BIG BANG THEORY.
In 1980 I brought home a boyfriend from Sweden, he became my first husband, (now don't laugh first of only two marriages, we are all allowed one wrong call...) anyhow back to the Swedish boyfriend, he told us a joke over dinner and as we stared trying to be polite my mom (Oh No! she was as old as I am today) stated;
 "I guess you have to be Swedish to think it was funny."
 Can you imagine he still proposed after that?!?
So for my A to Z I choose HUMOR  an ingredient needed to lead a full life.
I was going to dissect TV shows that I do not find funny and praise others that almost make me want to pee my pants, but then I remembered HUMOR is ART and ART is subjective.
Thanks for dropping by and may you have at least one wonderful thing to laugh about today .

I think humor is also something that has a time lapse factor. I chose a clip from  few years ago. Scandals we ALL remember  and the not so funny idea that we are all still a mess about climate change.