Wednesday, September 10, 2014


ChiarOscuro is an online fantasy series being published at In an alternate world where humanity is just discovering it's full potential after being setback five millenia ago, the darkness that once threatened humanity has returned and now a select few in this world, whether willingly or unwillingly, will play a role in keeping humanity's flame burning
ChiarOscuro Episode One Flame In The Dark; Ten years have past since the whole Decabia-Omion conflict and a soldier of the now conquered province of Omion is lost in some late night reading, reading on legends of the past. After finishing his passage, he decides to try and get some rest but his night has only just begun...


ChiarOscuro is an ongoing online fantasy series being published at Taking place in an alternate world where humanity is just discovering it's full potential after nearly being brought to extinction five millenia ago, the darkness that once threatened humanity has returned, seemingly with the intention to finish what they failed to do 5,000 years ago.

ChiarOscuro is made up of 'Books' each one containing an Episode (these normally span a week or two) and a chapter is released throughout the duration of an episode. The official site will be the first place to find the newly released chapters at first, as well as extra pieces that delve deeper into the lore, world and characters of ChiarOscuro and once the Episode has concluded, it will be shortly be available as a single 'Book' to read in full.

So follow a small select few in this time where the world's and humanity's certain is uncertain and travel with them to meet many different cultures, people, beliefs, customs through deserts, mountains, the city of nine walls and even the parts of the world the human eye cannot see...


Taking place in a world where at the dawn of human civilisation, a catastrophe struck nearly bringing humanity to extinction and close to forever changing the world as we know it.

They called them Demons, twisted, ruthless creatures with no seemingly other drive than to conquer all those weaker than them as they were the strongest and fittest and Earth seemed close to falling into the hands of these strange beings, who came to our world with no warning and legends speak of skies literally tearing open as Demons invaded our world.

However, humanity as it always seems to do, fought back and though most of the people living at that time were forever lost, the Demons were defeated, the remaining leaving this world or scattered as they fled the humans only hours before they had been slaughtering mercilessly.

It’s been 5,000 years since those events, though many dismiss the tale as legend and humanity has only recently started picking up again, there have been some strange reports recently across Aludin and with the mysterious Decabia to the east, the era of peace may soon be coming to the end and new heroes will have to answer the call to defend humanity’s flame once again, as they did so 5,000 years ago.

 The First Book of the series, made up of three episodes has been completed and can be found at the official site ~ -  and downloadable at .

What can I say? I’ve loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember. There’s something special in being able to create a whole world, a whole group of characters, a whole series of events that although they may be just words, they can inspire, make you dream, relate to and carry with you for the rest of your life.

Those are the kind of stories I love the most, the ones that once you’ve finished, you feel ‘sad’ in that you leave behind a group of characters and a world and those are the stories I want to create for other people to read.

I have been developing and seriously pursuing the craft now for over two years, for this is what I feel I was ‘made’ to do although I knew since I was younger this is what I always wanted to do.

Ever since in school my class was given a writing exercise to create any story we wanted to and while just about all my classmates only wrote about 1-3 pages, the sense of freedom I was given had me lost into it and I wrote my own story of about 20+ pages, haha.

And that story was a fantasy one as is the ChiarOscuro series although all genres appeal to me and all I really want is to have people read my work and enjoy it, maybe even inspiring them to pursue this craft and if I’m able to even influence one person to do that, well then, I think I can be glad of my work and the time and effort was worth it.

I would like to write more but writing calls, so I hope you enjoy!