Wednesday, January 7, 2015

THE BIG R ~ by DEAN BAKER Baker   is an award winning writer, who holds a degree in Political science, English literature and is currently the Men's Olympic 100m champion. He's also an incredibly gifted liar, which helps him write incredible fiction.

Having escaped a life of grinding affluence, via careers as a spy, parking attendant, carpet Salesman, air-traffic controller and street-sweeper he attained a position of subsistence level mediocrity in the IT industry. He then surveyed his vista and decided that the world of fiction would be his new domain and immediately began to unleash his works of brilliance.

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School reunions can be tough, nobody wants to look like a failure. But when you lose your girlfriend (to an odious, but very good looking kick-boxer) and then your IT job (With the world’s worst Stationary supplier) in quick succession, a school reunion is the last thing you need.
Press-ganged by his flatmates, Craig and Melissa, and with the sage-like advice of ‘Dirty’ Barry (A guy whose chat-up line is Go ahead, make my day!), Evan takes the plunge into the world of online dating and job hunting.
But with an almost Kamikaze approach to romance, and each date and job interview an even bigger disaster than the last, can Evan crack the code of online dating and bag that elusive IT job? Can Evan stop the Big R becoming the Big Argh!?
The Big R asks the questions: What defines failure? Is there really such a thing as a soul mate? And should you really take dating advice from a man called ‘Dirty’ Barry?