Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Episode #10: M.C.V. Egan Talks Historical Fiction

Bridge of DeathsWhat do you do when all the files needed for researching your book are under embargo for the next few years because of international security? I don’t know. But Maria Egan decided the best way was to research a mysterous plane crash in Denmark over 70 years ago for her book, The Bridge of Deaths, was via Psychic. Houdini would shudder in his grave.
Here’s one of the news clips about the 1939 crash of a British Airway’s Lockheed 10A Electra, en route to Stockholm, that ended in five deaths and is the subject of Egan’s book. Egan claims to have made contact with some of the deceased and says she used the experiences to write her book. Check out her book at The Bridge of Deaths.
Egan talks about never giving up on publishing your book, being flexible in your writing process and finding an audience of fans that you may have never imagined reaching.

Looking for published authors for web show

My name is Luke Abaffy. I'm the host of a new web show called Author Feast where I interview authors about their work, writing process and views on the publishing industry.
I'm always looking for authors who have work coming out and are looking to reach new audience members. Our most recent interview was with YA author, C.J. Hill (Janette Rallison). You can check it out at

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