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Marco Flynn Mysteries Series by Christopher Clouser Genre: Mystery


The Gold in Their Eyes

Marco Flynn Mysteries Book 3

by Christopher Clouser

Genre: Mystery 

Marco Flynn has returned to his hometown for a fresh start. Now he’s a full-time parent to a pre-teen son, Jacob, and has asked Tara to marry him. He tries to start over by getting a normal nine-to-five gig.

Marco accepts a job working in the administration for the newly-elected mayor of Indianapolis. Before the ink dries on the contract, a new drug fills the streets . Along with that, a series of murders sweep through the city with the ringleader making a personal threat toward Marco’s family. Marco takes it as a personal challenge to solve the crime even if it compromises his new job, or his life

Marco attempts to protect his family no matter the costs. Even if that means harm will come to him, either physical or emotional. He will do anything to prevent a repeat of the tragedies he has seen over the last few months repeat itself. His sacrifice is worthwhile if it means his family, and the city, are safe.

**Releases on 6/13/23!!**

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The Young & The Wicked

Marco Flynn Mysteries Book 2

Marco Flynn is fresh off a case that was bigger than anything he could imagine. To take a break, he and his girlfriend, Tara, travel to Seattle to spend the holidays with his son, Jacob.

From the start of the trip, Marco makes life miserable for the bad guys. During the flight, Marco breaks up a kidnapping. Then, once he reaches Seattle, is drawn into a child abduction case as a contractor for the FBI, his former employers. When Marco begins his investigation, he finds the kidnapper may be related to his ex-wife’s boyfriend, talk about a tough conversation. It becomes apparent that something is amiss at the Bureau as Marco unravels the mystery.

Marco attempts to keep his professional and personal lives separate as he goes between his ex and his girlfriend, while developing a deeper relationship with his son. Then every parent’s worst nightmare occurs and the case turns into a race against the clock as Marco Flynn tries to track down his prey in a city he does not know.

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As The City Burns

Marco Flynn Mysteries Book 1

Marco Flynn is working to make his hometown of Indianapolis safe. In the process, he stumbles across a dead body. The problem is she has been dead for two years and Marco attended her funeral. At the same time, Marco's brother drops another case on him that implicates the Mayor in some illegal activities. The more Marco investigates he finds the two crimes have much more in common and may be linked to something even more dangerous. All of this as the city deals with increased protests and violence. Marco must decide if he wants to walk away or try to save the city he loves before it all falls down around him.

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Christopher Clouser lives in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and pursues writing speculative fiction in his free time. His family consists of his wife, two children, and one grandchild. He has written sixteen books that include fantasy, science-fiction, mystery, and sports history while contributing to several others, along with multiple articles. He also has spoken to many local and national organizations on creative writing and the career of Perry Maxwell, a noted American golf course architect.

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Things Will Work Out A Children’s Book


Children’s Book

Date Published: May 2023


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Join Jabroni on a heartwarming journey of hope, perseverance, and the power of friendship…

"Things Will Work Out" is an uplifting children's book that beautifully illustrates the value of kindness and hope. With relatable concepts and a compelling narrative, this book is perfect for young readers who are just starting to explore the world of literature.

Through the story of Jabroni, readers will discover the power of hard work, perseverance, and staying true to oneself. With simple yet powerful language, this book is easy to read and fun to read aloud, making it the perfect bedtime story for kids of all ages.

The vibrant illustrations bring Jabroni's journey to life, creating a world that young readers will want to explore again and again. And as they follow Jabroni on his path to success, they will learn the importance of never giving up and the value of true friendship.

For anyone looking for a heartwarming story that celebrates the power of kindness, hope, and determination, "Things Will Work Out" is a must-read. So gather your little ones, snuggle up, and get ready for an unforgettable journey with Jabroni!


The perfect bedtime story for young readers who love adventure and inspiration.

About the Author

Jeffrey A. Oakley is a children's book author from Harrisburg, PA. He draws inspiration from his surroundings and the curious mind of his 5-year-old daughter, Charlee. Her endless imagination and boundless energy ignite Jeffrey's own creativity, and together they explore the world of storytelling.

As a new author, Jeffrey's goal is to be the best role model he can be for his daughter and all the young readers out there. He believes in the power of imagination and the importance of inspiring children to dream big and pursue their passions. With every story he writes, Jeffrey hopes to capture the hearts and minds of young readers and spark their love for reading that will last a lifetime.

So join Jeffrey and Charlee on their journey through the world of children's literature, and get ready to be inspired, entertained, and enchanted by their stories!


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Never Give Up A


Life Is Too Short to Harbor Regrets


Football Biography

Date Published: August 7, 2022


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Justin Adkins was a star football player in high school with good grades and lots of friends. Then one day he woke up in a hospital in excruciating pain, unable to walk or talk.

This is the autobiography of a teen facing the fight of his life. The inner skills of endurance, toughness, virility, and fearlessness that made Justin an exceptional athlete on the field, set his determination to never give up.

No matter how tormenting life became, Justin’s parents fought right along with their son. Pulling together in this unfamiliar territory, the family explored the options available for a teen with a disability, and the future ahead of him.

The reader will be inspired by this story of true perseverance.

About the Author

Justin Joseph Adkins is a husband, father, master of multiple disciplines, and now a proud author! All these accomplishments may have not been possible without his never give up attitude, and optimistic approach towards life. Having suffered a life changing injury, which left him unable to walk or talk, he defied insurmountable odds in pursuit of happiness. Thanking the Lord first and above all others for his success!


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Dead Generations Series by Anne Russo Genre: LGBTQ Dark Romantic Suspense, Thriller



The Dead Don't Lie

Dead Generations Book 1

by Anne Russo

Genre: LGBTQ Dark Romantic Suspense, Thriller

While young doctor Adam Morrow resigns himself to an uninformed existence, world-weary assassin Ian Abbott struggles with a life he never asked for. When the two strangers meet by chance, the attraction is immediate. And deadly, as Adam walks in on Ian in the middle of a hit.

The situation spirals out of control once Ian discovers he and Adam share a connection far more profound than either imagined. Shocked by the discovery, Ian makes the hasty decision to kidnap him.

Overnight Adam is torn from his promising career and a family who believes him dead. Things go from bad to worse when he finds himself reunited with a mother he never knew who is now head of a covert and shadowy group of killers for hire. Forced into joining their ranks, with Ian as his reluctant trainer and handler, Adam is given a series of impossible tasks to complete.

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The Dead Don't Mourn

Dead Generations Book 2

Sequel to The Dead Don’t Lie

Three months have passed, and Ian and Adam are both struggling with the memory of that fateful night. Consumed with guilt, Ian carries on with his day-to-day existence with little success, while Adam adjusts to his new life as a cold-blooded killer.

But both men face a new challenge when Adam’s latest target, a crime boss’s beautiful daughter, enters the picture. It's a dangerous assignment that forces hidden jealousies and not so buried desires to the surface.

Yet as Adam and Ian’s desperate situation escalates, they find their chaotic world dealt another heartbreaking blow when tragedy strikes a member of their group. The devastating event compels Ian and Adam to confront their feelings for one other. Yet with sinister forces at work against them as well as the dark story of their families’ joined and tangled past, will Ian and Adam fight to build something real together? Or will they find themselves torn apart once more?

NOTE: This story contains scenes depicting a suicide attempt and/or suicidal ideation as well as substance abuse/recreational drug use. This is book 2 in a series and ends on a cliffhanger.

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The Dead Don't Dream

Dead Generations Book 3

Sequel to The Dead Don’t Mourn

After Katherine foils Ian and Adam’s plans, Ian self-destructs, drowning himself in alcohol and murder while Adam fights to stay sane under Katherine’s watchful eye, biding his time as he plots his revenge. Determined to keep them apart for good, Katherine takes her evil schemes one step further, leaving Ian and Adam unable to separate reality from fiction, friend from foe.

Still seeking answers to who betrayed them, Ian’s quest for vengeance puts him on a brutal path of destruction, setting off a devastating chain of events that changes everything for the group and leaving him more alone than ever. Broken and losing hope, Adam deals with a vengeful face from the past, one who will stop at nothing to claim Ian for himself. Locked in a battle for survival, Adam must do everything in his power to stay alive. 

Anne makes her home in Connecticut with her wonderful and ever-so-patient partner. 

A lifelong reader, writer, and curious student. Anne hopes to create exciting, multi-dimensional characters and worlds with a queer sensibility. Her third novel, The Dead Don’t Dream, the third book of the Dead Generations series, was recently published through JMS Books. 

For more information, visit her website at and on Twitter @annerussobooks. 

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Light of the World A Dream Walker Novel Book 5 by Michelle Miles Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal



Light of the World

A Dream Walker Novel Book 5

by Michelle Miles

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal 

The final battle between Heaven and Hell is coming – and I'm at the heart of it.

As I begin my final quest for the last Holy Relic, the Ark of the Covenant, things take an unexpected turn. Kincade is forced to return to the Brotherhood of Watchers and must face the consequences for breaking their laws and assisting me in my search.

Putting the quest on hold, I track down the Brotherhood to find him. My rescue fails, however, when The Knights of the Holy Lance steal my DNA in order to create more super dream walkers. I'm determined now more than ever to destroy them.

When I once more resume my hunt for the Ark, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are unleashed, spreading their reign of terror across countries. The world is now plagued by earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and other disasters.

Lucifer has won.

Or has he?

As we both scramble to obtain the ancient artifact, the ultimate war between good and evil looms before us. The battle for the fate of mankind comes down to me and those brave souls willing to stand against the darkness.

With the fate of all creation on the line, a final sacrifice will be demanded. But will the true nature of love and loyalty be enough to save me?

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Don't miss the rest of the series!!

Don't miss the rest of the series!!

Michelle Miles believes in fairy tales, true love, and magic. She writes heart-stopping urban fantasy, epic fantasy, and paranormal romance with an action/adventure twist that will leave you breathless. She is the author of numerous series that includes everything from angels and demons to fairies, dragons, and elves.

A native Texan, in her spare time she loves reading, listening to music, watching movies, cross-stitching, drinking wine, and taking pictures of her cat. She can be found online at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

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Win the 16


Principles and Strategies to Optimize Your Day


Nonfiction / Business / Self-Help

Date Published: April 27, 2023

Publisher: Amz Pro Hub


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Our world is complex, competitive, and demanding. Both individuals and organizations are constantly seeking ways to gain a competitive edge in their journeys toward self-improvement. As personal and professional challenges become increasingly intertwined, it becomes more important to incorporate effective strategies and principles that can help us optimize our goals, discipline, mindset, habits, mental toughness, early successes to our day, time management, and overall performance.

Thankfully, there are practical solutions readily available. Win the 16, authored by Dave Pygon, provides a comprehensive guide that covers the step-by-step process needed to optimize your day. This book will walk you through specific strategies and principles, chapter by chapter, to help you reach new heights, no matter if you’re already at the top or struggling to gain traction in certain areas. By sharing powerful concepts and inspiring stories, Win the 16 will equip you with the tools you need to continue moving forward and striving for even greater achievement.

In this essential read, Pygon’s lessons go beyond simply optimizing your daily routine; they also provide support and motivation when your willpower slips. Win the 16 is a must-read for anyone looking to progress mentally, physically, and professionally, and steer clear of complacency. Pygon shares his wisdom as a storyteller, providing real-world examples that make the book both relatable and motivating. It is a valuable resource that can help anyone, regardless of their current skill level, to improve and reach higher levels of success.


About the Author

Dave Pygon is a respected advocate for leadership and personal growth, dedicating his career to empowering individuals to reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. As the founder and current President of Pygon ONE Consulting, his company specializes in leadership and individual development, helping clients to unlock their capabilities and succeed.

Prior to starting his own company, Pygon honed his skills while working for respected organizations such as Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Alcon Laboratories, and Novartis. With over two decades of leadership experience, he has become a trusted expert in his field. Furthermore, he holds certifications as a distinguished business coach, astute time management consultant, certified behavioral consultant, and master life coach.

Drawing from these experiences, as well as his education background, Pygon authored “Win the 16,” a comprehensive guide to help individuals optimize their time and achieve their goals. His expertise and passion are evident, making him a go-to authority on personal development and growth.

His journey started in Chicago, where he was born and raised on the south side. Coupled with deep- rooted connection to his hometown, the work ethic, toughness, loyalty and importance of education was taught from an early age by his mom and the south side community. They all have been essential factors driving his professional success. Dave’s love for Chicago is unwavering, and that is evident as he currently makes his home there with his beloved family.


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Monday, May 29, 2023

Stubbed Toes & Dating Woes by Dahlia Donovan Genre: Asexual MM Romance


Stubbed Toes & Dating Woes

by Dahlia Donovan

Genre: Asexual MM Romance 

Niclas Ruiz loves digging in the dirt for ancient artifacts. He’s obsessed with old words and lives in his own world. His summers are often spent traveling to new places to hunt for treasure with his trusty metal detector while trying not to get lost or stumble off a cliff.

Love has never been high on his priority list. His being autistic and asexual has often been a hurdle for other people. But he’s happy enough to plod along on his own with his horde like a fairy-tale dragon.

But sometimes, he allows himself to dream about a man out of his reach.

Two things about Falk “Grizz” Evensen are certain. He runs a successful security firm and has been hopelessly in love with his best friend’s younger brother for many years. Neither of them has ever dared to test the waters.

When Niclas plans to visit Cornwall for the summer, his older brother convinces Falk to join him under the auspices of keeping him safe.

Is this May-December romance doomed to be derailed by fears of unrequited love?

Will their treasure hunt lead them to true love or fool’s gold?

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Dahlia Donovan wrote her first romance series after a crazy dream about shifters and damsels in distress. She prefers irreverent humour and unconventional characters. An autistic and occasional hermit, her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon  

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