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The Caging at Deadwater Manor by Sandie Will Genre: YA Psychological Thriller, Horror


"This book is 'One flew over the Cukoos nest' on speed." Goodreads reviewer

A dad with a vendetta. An unsuspecting daughter. A psychiatric hospital known for questionable acts. And staff who keep secrets in the attic.


On a cold, January evening, fourteen-year-old Jeannie Kynde is told that her beloved mother drowned in the murky waters along Florida's Gulf Coast. Her distraught father turns on Jeannie, no longer the caring father she once knew. Four years later, Jeannie is finally old enough to escape her father's clutches, but he has different plans. He imprisons her at Deadwater Manor, a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past. Between endless psychiatric treatments and a hospital staff up to no good, Jeannie faces insurmountable odds as each day ticks away. Will she be locked away forever? Or can she fight against the nightmare that has now become her world?

If you like suspenseful shockers, you're sure to love this psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and stay with you long afterward. Check out the great reviews on this novel that debuted on the #1 Hot New Releases bestseller list.

Note: This book is intended for mature young adult, new adult, and older audiences due to profanity and sensual content.

The inspiration for the story came from Sandie's beloved father who worked in various psychiatric hospitals during short periods of his career. In the attic of one such hospital, he made a disturbing discovery - one that bothered Sandie so much, she had to create a story around it. Though fiction, many parts of the book intertwine the patient routines, treatments and outbursts that she learned from her father and other research in a way that makes the story vivid through Jeannie's perspective.

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Sandie Will is an international award-winning psychological thriller novelist who lives in Tampa Bay, Florida, and works as a geologist by day. She has published two novels and another is on the way. Her first novel, The Caging at Deadwater Manor, is a young adult psychological thriller/horror that received first place in the 2018 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards for young adult/new adult fiction and an honorable mention in the 2017 Readers' Favorite Book Awards for young adult horror. Her second is a recently released adult psychological thriller/horror titled, The Takings that is a Finalist in the 2020 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards for Blended Fiction. She is currently working on the sequel which will be released in 2020/2021. She has been married to her husband, Charlie, for over 30 years and they have two sons. Her favorite place to write is in her back room "treehouse" in the arms of an old oak.

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COVER REVEAL AND PREORDER! The Devil You Reap (Fear the Reaper Book 4) by Stacey Rourke

Release Date: Nov. 30th, 2020
Written By: Stacey Rourke
Blurb: History knows me by many names. Nyx, the Goddess of Night. Lilith, the Lady of Darkness. Selaphiel, the fifth angel of God. But the course of my life has been determined by my greatest mistake. I opened the gate and allowed Lucifer to fall. Booted from Heaven for my sin, I serve my penance as a reaper. By collecting history’s most twisted souls, I work to one day earn my ticket home.
Case #666
The truth has been revealed. Lucifer is every bit the devil countless cultures paint him as. I was foolish enough to have his back. To believe in him. Now I know every word was a lie and his hands drip with the blood of innocents.
I opened the gate and let the Prince of Darkness fall. Soon, the world will be crushed under his thrall. Who will stop his nefarious rise? This badass reaper and her eager scythe.



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Try As I Smite Brimstone Inc Book 4 by Abigail Owen Genre: Paranormal Romance


Try As I Smite
Brimstone Inc Book 4
by Abigail Owen
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Alasdair Blakesley is the head of the Covens Syndicate. He shouldn't need to look beyond the witches and warlocks he governs, or his own abilities, to solve any problem. But a demon infestation means he can’t trust anyone who may be possessed. The last person he wants to ask for help is also the only person who can fix this, so he sucks up his pride and storms into her office.

And she turns him down cold.

As the owner of Brimstone Inc., Delilah’s passion is helping others with their supernatural problems. But Alasdair is the last man Delilah wants to tangle with. The infuriating man sees too much and demands even more. And did she mention the way he sets her body on fire?

Not that it matters—demons are the only things with which she cannot interfere. Too bad a higher power steps in and sends them both on a crash course of each others' pasts, presents, and futures.
How is a Christmas Carol nightmare supposed to solve his demon problem without breaking the rules she’s bound by?

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Bait N' Witch
Brimstone Inc Book 3
**Only .99 cents!!**

Shift Out Of Luck
Brimstone Inc Book 2
**Only .99 cents!!**

The Demigod Complex
Brimstone Inc book 1
**Only .99 cents!!**

Multi-award-winning paranormal romance author, Abigail Owen, loves plots that move hot and fast, feisty heroines with sass, alpha heroes with heart, a dash of snark, and oodles of sexy shifters! Other titles include wife, mother, Star Wars geek, ex-competitive skydiver, spreadsheet lover, Dr. Seuss quoter, eMBA, organizational guru, Texan, Aggie, and chocoholic.

Abigail grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero, her husband, and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.

Abigail also writes award-winning contemporary romance under the name Kadie Scott.

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First Second Coming The New God Series Book 1 by Jeff Pollak Genre: Supernatural Romantic Suspense



What drew you to write in the supernatural/romantic suspense genres?

Nothing. When I first started writing First Second Coming, I thought it would be a magical realism story. Somewhere around the third or fourth draft, I realized it wasn’t MR, but didn’t know what genre it was. So I began to research genres to see what fit. That led me to conclude the novel could be either urban fantasy or romantic suspense, or both. That remained my conclusion through the next five drafts. My publisher convinced me that instead of urban fantasy, the book should be considered supernatural suspense. So I’ve inadvertently wandered into two genres I had no idea I’d publish my first book in. The fantasy is still there, by the way, we’re just not marketing it that way.


What was the hardest thing about writing your supernatural/romantic suspense book?

Finding the time to write while working full-time, sometimes much more than full-time, as a trial lawyer working for myself. I started the book in 2014 and worked on it evenings and weekends except when I was in trial or had family or other commitments. When I retired in 2018, I was on my seventh draft and deemed the book ready for a professional editor, so writing FSC took five years of primarily part-timing the work to get the story finished.


How much research do you do?

Plenty. Regardless of the genre, I thought I was writing in, I wanted as much realism in First Second Coming as I could get. This was especially challenging regarding the religions that make appearances in the book since my familiarity with most of them wasn’t enough. I bought and read books on them and on many different perceptions of God, while writing.

I did a lot of internet research on these subjects and even attended the World Parliament of Religions in Toronto in 2017 to speak to as many religious followers as I could find to get impressions of how my book would be received or to discuss points of their religions that I needed to know about. Over the course of the seven-day parliament, I must have spoken to five hundred people, and I still found time to peruse the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The professional editor I hired mentioned to me in her editorial report that I’d convinced her I’m an expert in religions. That comment was very gratifying.


Do you work to an outline or do you prefer to just see where an idea takes you?

A mix of both. For FSC, I prepared an initial bullet-point outline. For each chapter, I’d have two to four bullet points to remind me of the things that chapter had to cover to advance the story. I free-styled the dialogue and narrative, at least until my female MC, Brendali Santamaria, began to tell me what was really happening in the chapter.

Once I began to hear her telling me what the story actually was, I gave her a semi-free will. I became more of a transcriber than a writer at that point, taking down whatever Bren passed along to me. By the time I reached the end of the first draft, I had a novel rather different, but better, than my outline.


What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing?

I think the question derives from a false premise – that every writer has the same desires regarding publication. Some people write as an avocation, not for publishing. Others want to publish. Still others are somewhere between these two poles. Business acumen or time constraints play a role, too, in that some people don’t want to take on the burden of marketing in addition to writing, so they want traditional publishing or nothing.

Age also matters, in that the big traditional publishers take forever – well, up to five years – to publish a book. The question also omits the fact that traditional publishers include not only the big ones but small or regional presses, hybrid publishers, and (don’t go here, anyone) vanity presses. With all that said, my own perspectives on advantages and disadvantages have very little value, since they are unique to me and not a generalization. Each writer contemplating publishing should research the many options that exist these days, determine which one(s) fit them best, and then go in that direction.


Great advice! Do you have a good or bad story regarding publishing?

Here’s my good one. The writer’s conference I attend yearly – Southern California Writers Conference, which I highly recommend to anyone – has a feature called the Advanced Submissions, which is a fee-based thing. You pay $50 for a fifteen-minute get-together with your chosen agent, editor, fellow writer, or publisher.

The chosen individual gets the first ten pages of your story in advance of the conference, marks it up, and gives you feedback. If you’ve selected an agent and you’re very lucky, you might get a request for the full manuscript if there is one, or a request that you send it to him or her when the MS is ready.

In my case, I requested one agent in 2018 who I never got to meet because her flight was grounded by bad weather. In 2019 I paid for two conferences, one with an agent, the other with a publisher. The agent lost her father and didn’t show up, but she contacted me to ask for the full manuscript. I did meet the co-founder of a publisher I’d been angling toward over the prior months, who told me she wanted to publish the story based on what she’d read and what I’d done to get to know her company.

So, after about six months of querying, I had a publishing offer and my first agent’s request for a full manuscript, just like that. It took me two months to decide which way to go, but I took the publication offer and I’m very happy I did.


What do you think of “trailers” for books, and will you create one for your work?

I’ve seen some very impressive trailers for books, but haven’t investigated the cost. I also haven’t seen anything quantifiable that can assure me that a trailer is worth the cost. So I’m very on the fence on this one. I’m doing something slightly different because I’m fortunate to have a niece who is a professional animator. She’s going to prepare a brief animation for my author’s page that will (hopefully) be ready by First Second Coming’s publication date, August 1st. It’s not a trailer so much as a treat for those of my future readers who enjoy animation.


What a great idea! So, what do your fans mean to you?

As this is my first book I don’t yet have any fans. When I do they’ll be treated like the clients I worked for. By contract and law I was required to do my absolute best from start to finish – a zealous advocate. Converting that to publishing means, to me, that I must write the best story I can, recognize that the reader has chosen to devote a certain amount of time to my characters and story, show my appreciation for that and make the reader happy he or she spent that time with my tale rather than with the story in the next office (or shelf).


I like how you think. If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

Although I would love to have dinner with my three favorite deceased authors – James Clavell, Frank Herbert, and Tom Clancy – I chose living ones so that the ghosts of those authors of yesteryear aren’t jealous of the meal I assume they can no longer eat.

The living authors I would select are Daniel Silva for his ability to integrate current events into his page-turner suspense stories, as I am doing in mine; David Mitchell for his stunningly brilliant writing and the equally off the charts plots and characters, and Iain Pears for the depth and details he builds into his novels and his ability to write in multiple genres. I’d invite Neil Gaiman and Haruki Murakami to the dinner, too, but the table only accommodates four people.


 If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d pick pizza. Aside from the nutrition I’d gain from the basic ingredients (cheese, starch, sauce), there’s a great deal of variety in the items that can be added. So I could have a Hawaiian pizza – my favorite style – one day; a classic pepperoni pie the next; a barbeque pizza after that, etc. I thrive on variation so this choice would give me a different meal for every lunch and dinner every day for a month. I’d skip breakfast to keep the calories down.

First Second Coming
The New God Series Book 1
by Jeff Pollak
Genre: Supernatural Romantic Suspense

In 2027 the deity is known as NTG – short for New Testament God – retires after more than two thousand years of minding the store for his employer, Milky Way Galaxy, Inc. The new god, a planetary turnaround specialist must decide whether Earth’s dominant species should or should not be included in his plan to bring the planet back into full compliance with Milky Way Galaxy, Inc.’s planetary operation standards.
Earth’s new God introduces himself to humanity by unexpectedly appearing on the Ram Forrester Hour talk show. Ram, an atheist, and co-host Brendali Santamaria, a devout Catholic, are stunned. God's interview, beamed worldwide, shocks and infuriates viewers. They learn that a sixty-day conference will take place in Los Angeles to determine whether humans are capable of helping him implement his planetary turnaround plan. To earn a coveted spot in this God’s good graces all mankind must do is eliminate religious violence forever, without his heavenly help, within sixty days. Failure means extinction.
God designates Ram and Bren as the conference’s only authorized media reporters. This assignment, fraught with peril, ignites their romance. Not only must the harried couple attend the conference meetings by day and do their show at night, they must also outwit a fanatical religious group bent on killing them. When rising conflicts within the conference intensify, it’s up to Ram and Bren to do whatever it takes to protect their budding romance and mankind’s very survival.

Jeff Pollak’s debut novel, First Second Coming, combines suspense, romance, and theology in an imaginative, unique adventure!”
            —Mark Moses, Actor (best known as Paul Young on Desperate Housewives and Herman “Duck” Phillips on Mad Men.)

Wow! What an outstanding debut novel! Jeff mixes a wide genre to create this intriguing novel. Plenty of romance, action and some theology to keep things lively! Not a mix I’ve seen before but in the ratio he writes=perfect! A fab read. Looking forward to the next book!”
         -- Becca Thompson, The Book Club
An absolutely fascinating concept mixed with the perfect blend of action, romance, and theology. Will humans choose to set aside their petty arguments and live peacefully, working to solve the world's problems side by side, or will the planetary turnaround specialist assigned to Earth as the New God have to take the ultimate action to ensure the planet's survival, even if that means human extinction? This book will grab you and keep you reading to the very last page. Can't wait to see what comes next!”       
 - Kristine Pfeffer Fox, Author

**Get the ebook free in exchange for an honest review HERE!**

Jeff Pollak, the author of First Second Coming and sequels to come, was raised in the Riverdale section of the Bronx by a single mom and two grandparents who lived eight floors up. After graduating from college in Buffalo, Jeff headed west to Los Angeles for law school and spent his entire legal career in and around civil litigation. Now retired, writing fiction is Jeff's new passion.

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The Corpse Who Knew Too Much A Food Blogger Mystery Book 4 by Debra Sennefelder Genre: Cozy Mystery


  • What do you do to unwind and relax?

There are a few things I love to do to relax. Baking is one of those things. I love reading and it’s a great way to unwind in the evening. I also enjoy exercising. Not only is it a great stress reliever, it helps clear my mind and makes it easier to come up with ideas whether I’m starting a new project or stuck in the middle of a current book. 


  • Describe yourself in 5 words or less!

Determined. Loyal. Curious. Creative.


  • What inspired you to write this book?

My interest in cold cases and podcasts.


  • How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

I had an idea of Hope getting caught up in an unsolved mystery. It seemed natural to include a podcast into the story.

  •  Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

No. There might be some traits that I borrowed from some real-life people that I assign to characters but pretty much all the characters are made up. They're not based on any one person. 

  • What book do you think everyone should read?

Great question. One of the most intriguing books I’ve read is Rebecca. I highly recommend that book.

  • Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?

It depends on what part of the process of working in. While I’m writing the first draft, noise in the background isn’t a distraction. But when I'm editing a silence is much preferred.

  • Pen or typewriter or computer?

Pen and computer. A lot of brainstorming story ideas before I outline is done by hand, usually on a legal pad.  Then I move to my computer for the rest of the writing process.

  •  The advice you would give new authors?

Keep learning the craft, keep writing, and enjoy the process.

The Corpse Who Knew Too Much
A Food Blogger Mystery Book 4
by Debra Sennefelder
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Food blogger Hope Early takes on a cold case that's heating up fast . . .

Building on her recipe for success with her food blog, Hope at Home, Hope is teaching her first blogging class at the local library in Jefferson, Connecticut. She’s also learning about podcasts, including a true-crime one called Search for the Missing, hosted by Hope's childhood friend, Devon Markham. Twenty years ago on Valentine's Day, right here in Jefferson, Devon's mom disappeared and was never found. Finally, Devon has returned to solve the mystery of what happened to her mother—and she asks Hope to help.
The next day Hope discovers Devon's apartment has been ransacked. Her laptop with the research on her mother's cold case is missing, and Devon is nowhere to be found. When her friend's body is later discovered in a car wreck, Hope is convinced it's no accident. Clearly, Devon was too close to the truth, and the cold-blooded killer is still at large in Jefferson. Now it's up to Hope to find the guilty party—before the food blogger herself becomes the next subject of another true-crime podcast . . .
Includes Recipes from Hope’s Kitchen!

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Debra Sennefelder, the author of the Food Blogger Mystery series and the Resale Boutique mystery series, is an avid reader who reads across a range of genres, but mystery fiction is her obsession. Her interest in people and relationships is channeled into her novels against a backdrop of crime and mystery. When she’s not reading, she enjoys cooking and baking and as a former food blogger, she is constantly taking photographs of her food. Yeah, she’s that person.
Born and raised in New York City, she now lives and writes in Connecticut with her family. She’s worked in pre-hospital care, retail and publishing. Her writing companion is her slightly spoiled Shih-Tzus, Connie.

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Dainty Damsels: Fairy Collection by J.N. Sheats Genre: Fantasy Coloring Book


Dainty Damsels: Fairy Collection
by J.N. Sheats
Genre: Fantasy Coloring Book 

It's Finally Here! The medium book of Fairy Damsels, 30 brand new pages by illustrator J.N. Sheats. Complete with plenty of big-eyed Damsel cuties, fury playful friends, and tons of dynamic scenes ready for your coloring talents. Grab your pens, pencils, or crayons and relax with this enchanting collection.

J.N. Sheats is an artist turned author. Living in Maryland with six wild cats, and her husband, J.N. spends her days designing book covers and teasers for other authors. At night she is at the mercy of her demanding characters, and their wild fantasies.
Dark Paranormal Fantasy is her preferred genre of writing, but anything is game. Maybe even a lovely romance novel or two in the near future.
When not writing, designing, or drawing, J.N. spends her time doing a host of other activities. Including gardening, jewelry making, cooking, and watching far too much television.

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