Wednesday, April 30, 2014

And on the final day of APRIL we come to the end of the A to Z challenge



An imaginary point which relates to SUCCESS, I made it to Z, thought of  ZOO and ZAP but I am so happy to have taken the challenge the Journey through the A to Z!
So I reached my Zenith in the month of April, thanks to all the organizers, co-helpers and assistants  of the challenge,  I hope to see you in 2015,have a wonderful year.


The zenith is an imaginary point directly "above" a particular location, on the imaginary celestial sphere. "Above" means in the vertical direction opposite to the apparent gravitational force at that location. The opposite direction, i.e. the direction in which gravity pulls, is toward the nadir.
Zenith may be used as a name which means success and power.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z challenge and today is "Y"

Y is primarily for YES! It can be overused and important to discern when YES the word that will best serve the user is.

Y is for YOUTH and all that comes with it confusion and learning but so much energy and beauty; eternal quests to be YOUTHFUL toy with our vanity.

Y is for Yellow my favorite color but you found that out yesterday.

Such a hard choice YESTERDAY or YELLOW SUBMARINE? All Beatles of course.

K alf is fantastic

And why not YESTERDAY ?




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Monday, April 28, 2014

"X" in the A to Z challenge 2014

X marks the spot


1820–30;  < Greek xanth ( ós ) yellow +

I know I am exhausted and lacking terribly in imagination so just Yellow! But I would like to call your attention to an AMAZING post fro X I came across while hoping around the #AtoZchallenge 


Saturday, April 26, 2014

When we get to "W" we know we are there A to Z challenge 2014


while this is along video it is wonderful and I love it.

Kingdom of the Blue Whale
Blue whales are the largest creatures ever to inhabit the earth — yet despite their size, we know precious little about them.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A to Z challenge "V" is for Viceroy

Validating Victories and Viceroy. As a child my grandmother often expressed with great pride that we were direct descendants of the great Francisco Ignacio Elizondo Villarreal, Unfortunately when I arrived to the  fifth grade and found his name in the history books, Victorious and validating pride was far from what the teacher taught us. Another discrepancy is that he does not seem to have quite made it to VICEROY as grandmother claimed.
Elizondo captures insurgents at Bajan 1910 postcard.png
Col. Ignacio Elizondo [center horseman] captures Hidalgo, Allende and other insurgent leaders at the Wells of Bajan on 21 March 1811
A familial rite of passage was to be told that he was no traitor... that he was a Spaniard working for Spain... Here is what Wikipedia has to say ....(Salinas Valley, New Kingdom of León, New Spain, March 9, 1766 - San Marcos, Texas, New Spain, September 2, 1813), was a New Leonese royalist general, mostly known for his victorious plot to seek to capture important insurgency precursors of the Mexican War of Independence such as Miguel Hidalgo, Ignacio Allende, and Juan Aldama in Baján, Coahuila in 1811. Elizondo was born in the village of Salinas (now Salinas Victoria, Nuevo León). He was son of José Marcos de Elizondo and María Josefa de Villarreal. He was of Spanish and Basque ancestry.
So V is for VICEROY ; governor representing sovereign in colony: a governor who represents a sovereign in a province, colony, or country. Something my ancestor never was.
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A to Z challenge entry for "U"

This photo is from oh brooke. and it's free to download and print.
I so love the letter U, I do because as a child in Mexico we sang a song to the vowels (in Spanish of course) and each letter was described in a fun way; I loved getting to U described as the shape of my jump rope a childhood favorite.
Thus searching for the words with U numerous findings and I am fond of them all.
Ubiquitous rules in the world of U words, universally useful and a favorite word.
I love my umbrella and feel very safe under it. I use it in rain and to ward off the sunrays. It is useful and used with great frequency in South Florida.
Undue influence is one of my favorite terms in juridical jargon. It can undo a case for the lawyers I like (all on TV).
Understanding united unique we are told as Americans usually we are all very bold.
Usurping the stage in the Global Arena we know no surrender.
I could go on for many more sentences with the likes of unwarranted, unjustified, Unnecessary, untold.
Any favorite U words out there I forgot?
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A to Z Challenge "T" for Two and Three Today.

Thanks to all who have visited and commented throughout the A-Z challenge. This blog is happy to spotlight Authors and artists as long as posts are family friendly. Basically rated a mild PG-13 Tops. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to have your work spotlighted or a fun interview, if your work is related to HISTORY let me know and I have other venues where you can be a guest.
Today I thought that it was appropriate to use the letter "T" to tell you all where I will be in a THREE days. Together with other authors at the TURNING PAGES BOOKS event. So if you are free and in the ORLANDO, FLORIDA area please take the time to see me!
I am participating in the book signing event and cheering for the winners that evening         

Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (EDT)

The Florida Hotel & Conference Center 1500 Sand Lake Rd Orlando, Florida 32809

Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (EDT) 

Orlando, Florida

Meet us in person and for more details
Bailey Ardisone
Jordan Deen
Gray Dixon
K.t. Dixon
M.C.V. Egan
Ceci Giltenan
Ronnie Knox...

Jana Leigh
Felicia Lynn
Jacinta Maree
Gracie Meadows
Scott Meehan
Wendy Nystrom
Cynthia P. O'Neill
Dawn Robertson
Stacey Rourke
Jacelyn Rye
Melissa Schroeder
Toni G Sinns
Heather Smith
K.S. Thomas

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The letter "S" for A to Z challenge 2014 Simply , Subtle & Surprising

Silly search for S

Serendipity is simply my favorite “S” word. The sound is suggesting something special I feel. The idea of chance, fate and destiny make me shiver and shake. Special surprises suspended ahead.

*Serenity is my second most favorite “S” word surrounded by silence and feeling so Zen. Suggesting a safety I feel in myself, some say it supposes a serious seclusion. Single and simple serenity’s shelter.

Singing so softly in a shower is a favorite S action and although swans are so beautiful the best creature for S is Spider or Snake.

© M.C.V. Egan 2014

*Short video  on Serenity found on YouTube from
 Fred Bouchal Films & Music - Youtube channel trailer - フレッド

I'm a french film maker & music composer. I live for telling stories, inspiring, uplifting & making you feel all kinds of emotions through my short films and music compositions. I hope my work will reach your heart & soul. Consider subscribing to always be up to date on my latest projects.

Monday, April 21, 2014

A to Z Challenge with the letter "R"

* just playing with words no message meant by this
Regarding R my mind was rushing from word to word from one idea to the next. Rich, rice, round, rescue, report were followed by remember and rupture; then came return.
The R words just rushed like a river  this was repeated several times. Rumbling rumors reducing reputations to remnants of what was.
Ridiculous reasons for riots rife with resounding recordings refusing to hush.
Rocks rusting, reaching remarkable heights. Recording repeating reacting. Revolting revolvers retracing the harm.
The possibilities for R seem endless to me. Rich and rewarding or rancid repulsive and rotting in time.
Of all the R words that I played with one stood out, it is RESPECT.

All images found through Bing search words by © M.C.V. Egan


Saturday, April 19, 2014

A to Z Challenge why Q is for QUIRKS

Q could be for QUANDARY or other questionable choices. I could quit and be quiet or feel quintessential by including a query or queries (Sir Isaac Newton had 31of those).
Q is the letter for something I like QUIRKS in my stories and QUIRKS in my characters.
The two basic synonyms for QUIRKS are FLUKES and IDIOSYNCRASIES both are essential in great story telling.
The first allows a writer to add chances, coincidences, and twists (the best are of fate) to a story line. latter allows the writer to gives characters unique peculiarities, oddities, habits or eccentricities. These are great tools to capture the reader so Q is for QUIRKS in every sense of the word. Do you have a particular QUIRK you wish to share ?
© M.C.V. Egan 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

"P" we are at P for A to Z should I PANIC ? Be PRACTICAL ? PRETEND or POST?

Posting for the letter P is such a pleasure. To be honest it is tomorrow with a Q that I panic about. I considered cheating and making one post for both days about minding my Ps and Qs but I plan to practice prudence and find an appropriate Q.
As you may well know this is a BOOK BLOG where I spotlight a wide variety of BOOKS and Authors with the occasional Artist. For P I have chosen a book that I am very fond of  PIE; Pie is perfect for p. It is a piece with no pretense with  people presented by An Old Brown Horse PIE  That knows what he is doing.
Post aside which is your favorite PIE?

Who Decides When a Horse Is No Longer Useful?
This five star Readers' Favorite is the story of  Pie, a working ranch horse well past retirement age. When he was injured, he was considered used up, with nothing left to give. At the mercy of those who owned him, he was sent off to be sold or destroyed, depending on his ability to recover. But Pie knew something the ranch owners didn't know: he was far from useless. This book tells the story of a horse who still had heart and soul and strength to give, and shares the amazing things he did in the second part of his life. Pie is truly one of the great horses, and you will get to know him and his amazing spirit as he tells you his tale as only he can, from his point of view. You'll be among the many people whose lives he touched, as you join his remarkable journey to prove that every animal deserves the chance to age with grace and wisdom.
5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING ! A book full of hope and second chances., January 30, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Pie: An Old Brown Horse (That Knows What He Is Doing) (Kindle Edition)
Pie: an old Brown Horse is a wonderful five star read, I must explain that my experience with horses is far from vast; limited to a few lessons in my 40s to keep up with my son. PIE however has made me fall in love with so many aspects of the equine world.

As so many I watch the Triple Crown races and of course Ascot, because it is fun and the horses so majestic, in this book the author brings the equine home to a loving, sharing aspect of what a wide variety of these wonderful creatures have to offer.

I fell in love with the storyline, Pie and with the Keeper. The idea that we can all re-create ourselves and that second chances are real is a beautiful theme throughout the story that will give every reader hope.

It is a unique book, the kind of book you read a few times. It can be read by anyone, any age and it will tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh and give you hope. It transcends so much more than Pie’s story.

Image of Kandy Kay ScaramuzzoKandy Kay Scaramuzzo is a seventh generation Texan who has her own brick at The Cowgirl Museum. She has taught in alternative education for over twenty years. Ms.Scaramuzzo is a member of the 2012 Strathmore's Who's Who. She has a BA in Criminology and MAedCT. She works in horse, dog, cat and snake rescues. Ms. Scaramuzzo has been a tester observer for therapy dogs for nine years. She ran a therapy horse riding program for autistic children for five years. She has been a recognized animal behaviorist for over 20 years. This is her first book about an exceptional horse. She feels it is important to give back to maintain the balance of a civilized society.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A to Z challenge "O" could be OPTIMISTIC , ORIGINAL or OSTRICH but it is simply "O"

OKAY it is now the 15th letter of the alphabet and I started with things that I love. Originally I considered OPTIMISM, and I love OSTRICHES also lately I have to see an OTOLARYNGOLOGIST due to sinus woes. But in the end there is a thing that is simply "O".

 I love Cirque Du Soleil , I have seen the Orlando show; La Nouba  a few times and Alegria in Miami with a traveling performance. I love to travel but I have never been to Las Vegas; gambling and such does not appeal to me but Vegas has something I do want to experience. The perfect trip to Vegas  for me  would  a BINGE of any and every Cirque Du Soleil show there beginning with:


Cirque du Soleil weaves an aquatic tapestry of artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance in the timeless production, "O". Inspired by the concept of infinity and the elegance of water's pure form, "O" pays tribute to the beauty of the theatre - from the simplest street performance to the most lavish of operas - where anything is possible and where the drama of life plays itself out before our very eyes. World-class acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers and characters perform in, on, and above water to create a breathtaking experience. Only at Bellagio, Las Vegas.

If you could travel anywhere to see a show where would that be? Have a wonderful A to Z .




Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Neoclassical New Novel released yesterday by a writer I admire very much so my "N" entry is NEW and NOVEL and I asked the author for any other words starting with N that applied and she gave me the list   NAKED; knowing Vic she is referring to a NAKED truth , NATIVITY; her tale is in a church, NATIONALISM; should be interesting in WW II how she tapped into that. NEED: I need to read this book and will start tonight, I have read some reviews and am a HUGE fan of her blog COLD , she added a word I love NEMESIS and also NEOCLASSICAL, NOIR, NEOPHYTE; and of course as it takes place in a Church it makes sense and NADIR; in WWII we did hit rock bottom so perhaps that is the NADIR ... I am going to read tonight . Here goes my #AtoZchallenge post
In the surreal and paranoid underworld of wartime Prague, fugitive lovers Felix Andel and Magdalena Ruza make some dubious alliances – with a mysterious Roman Catholic cardinal, a reckless sculptor intent on making a big political statement, and a gypsy with a risky sex life. As one by one their chances for fleeing the country collapse, the two join a plot to assassinate Hitler’s nefarious Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Josef Goebbels. But the assassination attempt goes wildly wrong, propelling the lovers in separate directions. Felix’s destiny is sealed at the Bone Church, a mystical pilgrimage site on the outskirts of Prague, while Magdalena is thrust even deeper into the bowels of a city that betrayed her and a homeland soon to be swallowed by the Soviets. As they emerge from the shadowy fog of World War II, and stagger into the foul haze of the Cold War, Felix and Magdalena must confront the past, and a dangerous, uncertain future.
Image of Victoria DoughertyVictoria Dougherty writes fiction, drama, and essays that often revolve around spies, killers, curses and destinies. Her work has been published or profiled in The New York Times, USA Today, International Herald Tribune and elsewhere. Earlier in her career, while living in Prague, she co-founded Black Box Theater, translating, producing and acting in several Czech plays. She lives with her husband and children in Charlottesville, Virginia.
*Represented by Josh Getzler at Hannigan Salky Getzler in NYC.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A to Z Challenge "M" is for MISOGYNY

For "M" I chose a word that is most important to note. I also chose a book by a MAN on MISOGYNY.
Misogyny /mɪˈsɒɪni/ is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.[1][2] Misogyny has been characterised as a prominent feature of the mythologies of the ancient world as well as of various religions. In addition, many influential Western philosophers have been described as misogynistic.[1] The counterpart of misogyny is misandry, the hatred or dislike of men; the antonym of misogyny is philogyny, the love or fondness of women.


The last of his books, "Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice" was slated for publication by Viking Penguin, America's largest publishing house. His editor was very keen to publish it until he died, when the company cruelly abandoned the book. His wife and daughter swore that they would find a publisher. Two years later, the venerable London house Constable & Robinson published it. Today it is available not only in English (both in paper and in ebook) but also in German, Spanish, Persian, Hungarian and soon Chinese.


Jack Holland was born in Belfast in Northern Ireland at a time when horse-drawn carts still delivered milk from stables and domestic violence was still considered a matter "between husband and wife," and therefore beyond public scrutiny or sanction. He came of age in a world in which technological developments such as jet travel and the contraceptive pill transformed the way ordinary people lived and reasoned. By the time of his untimely death in 2004 he had become the acclaimed Irish author of countless articles, four novels and seven books of non-fiction, most of them dealing with "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland.
Why did an author known and respected for his balanced reporting and analysis of the Northern Ireland situation write about the abuse of one half of humanity by the other? The answer is simple: he loved history and he loved women. He was raised by a strong-minded and competent granny, and felt great tenderness for her, his mother and his sisters. He lived in a world where women were not considered man's equal and had even fewer options than their male contemporaries. He understood early on that without equality there is no friendship, and that friendship is a necessary ingredient in all successful relationships, including sexual ones. This book came out of his abiding love of women and fascination for their experience.

Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for LAPIS LAZULI and other Lingering Luxuries

I LOVE LAPIS LAZULI, the luxurious feel, the color a Lingering Luxury is a piece of jewelry And my favorite is the blue of LAPIS LAZULI .  What is your favorite stone? To wear for jewelry ? Lapis is my Lingering Luxury.

Lapis lazuli /ˈlæpɪs ˈlæˌzl/ or /ˈlæʒl/ (sometimes abbreviated to lapis) is a deep blue semi-precious stone that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color.
Lapis lazuli was being mined in the Sar-i Sang mines[1] and in other mines in the Badakhshan province in northeast Afghanistan as early as the 7th millennium BC,[2] Lapis beads have been found at neolithic burials in Mehrgarh, the Caucasus, and even as far from Afghanistan as Mauritania.[3] It was used for the eyebrows on the funeral mask of King Tutankhamun (1341–1323 BC).[4]
At the end of the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli began to be exported to Europe, where it was ground into powder and made into ultramarine, the finest and most expensive of all blue pigments. It was used by the most important artists of the Renaissance and Baroque, including Masaccio, Perugino, Titian and Vermeer, and was often reserved for the clothing of the central figure of the painting, especially the Virgin Mary.[1]
Today mines in northeast Afghanistan are still the major source of lapis lazuli. Important amounts are also produced from mines west of Lake Baikal in Russia, and in the Andes mountains in Chile. Smaller quantities are mined in Italy, Mongolia, the United States and Canada.

LAPIS. A stunning carved Lapis Lazuli necklace,the Phoenix rising from the ashes.
The Talya D collection is vast and varied.The spirit of a collector is so passionate.There is this intense interest and love of beauty,culture,history.Maybe I should have been a museum curator.That would definitely be heaven .But meanwhile,life is just the way i love it,and i am the curator of my own collection.
When i fall in love with an item,I immediately start studying it,researching it, as much as i can about it.It grows into an intense interest that brings about collecting of the item very intensively,untill i feel i have a good collection.Then I just add to it from time to time when i encounter a very fine piece.
I organize it,log it and go on to the next collection,while still loving every piece in the previous one.This is a very exciting facet of my life as there is always so much happening in that realm of collecting.I also love to read history and novels relating to the culture of which i am collecting at the moment.Sometimes i read and then decide to study more about a certain culture and to collect items that embody that culture.
I always make sure that the collections pay for themselves .So i auction a few pieces from the collection to do that.Every collection is therefore paid for.That is how most collectors do it.
So i live surrounded by beauty.That is elating in itself and makes it easier to stay positive and happy and loving.

FAE The Wild Hunt by Graham Austin King ~ giveaway ~

Fairies... The Fae... The stuff of bedtime stories and nursery rhymes.

But sometimes the fairy tales are true. Sometimes they hold a warning...

For a hundred generations the Fae have been locked away from the world, in the cold, the Outside. They have faded out of sight and mind into myth and folklore, but now the barriers are weakening and they push against the tattered remnants of the wyrde as they seek a way to return.

As a new religion spreads across the world, sweeping the old ways and beliefs away before it, a warlike people look across the frozen ocean towards the shores of Anlan, hungry for new lands. War is coming, even as the wyrde of the Droos is fading.

Only by realising the truth lost in a child's tale will the world hope to withstand the wild hunt.


Saturday, April 12, 2014


It was KILLING me, I considered KILO vs. POUND but it all boiled down to multiply or divide by 2.2 and became a bore. I wanted KINDNESS and I still do but a post in the subject would just be to corny. Toyed with KINY but in the end this is a Family blog and then of course I wanted to blow a KISS but that too was a bit of a bore...and then I remembered a word I find beautiful KINETIC it is a word that I love and the principle thereof is best represented by a desk top toy I loved as a kid!
I loved swinging the pendulum and watching them clack! The ones in my home were simple like this.
These are so cool, but it might not be KINETIC

Here is the definition for you to decide. 

And the formula Happy A to Z and enjoy your free Sunday!