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Elisabeth McBride by ANGIE BLAKE


This is a young adult paranormal Novel. 
What happens to five investigators when they meet up with one of the deadliest demons in Paranormal history? Do they escape the wrath of Elisabeth McBride or were they sucked into their own deaths by the hands of a demonic young girl? Will they be able to team up and help a young girl find her way or will they have to destroy her world and everything she touches to save their own lives? Read Elisabeth McBride, it's murder, horror,suspense and paranormal. So many thriller aspects in just one book! On sale now at Amazon! Stay tuned for Elisabeth McBride Part 2! Coming soon to Amazon!

Image of Angie Blake

I  am ANGIE BLAKE and I enjoy writing. It's my favorite past time. I enjoy putting my writing up here for you guys to read. I hope you enjoy it as well.
Writing is not my only favorite past time. Of course, I enjoy reading, hiking, camping, fishing and taking pictures. I also love astronomy. There is nothing better than sitting outside, on a nice, warm night, drinking a beer, and looking through a telescope watching the skies.
Another favorite past time of mine is ghost hunting. I love everything about the paranormal. I love to write, and read about it. All of them fiction, but, when time permits, I'm planning on writing a non-fiction book about the paranormal.
I am also a happily married mother with three children and two grandchildren. I love spending time with my family. I want to teach my kids that dreams really do come true you just have to work hard, and never give up. That's why I write and post everything here.
I hope you enjoy my stories, and please leave me a review! I would love to know what you think!
Many more books to come!

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A chat with a Reader ; Mary I met through her review of THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS

Today my guest is a READER which is of course the most important person to any writer. I met Mary through the literary community in Facebook and she read and reviewed The Bridge of Deaths. I have become friends with some of my readers and I find that I have learned and grown so much from them. Mary absolutely surprised me with her review, I sometime get readers who contact and ask questions as they are reading which is really interesting and fun for me, Mary’s stellar review just appeared on AMAZON one day and made me very happy. I was so thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed and I think that you will agree with me that Mary is fun and witty.
-Hi Mary aside from passionate reader  what would you like to let us know about you?
I am a 70 year old married woman from Georgia (USA). As a child I read whatever I could get my hands a teen I read Shakespeare, Homer, and Steinbeck for fun.  My reading style is more fun now although I do still enjoy the classics.   My children and my 6 year old grandchild are readers (the one year old...not so much..he likes books that taste good).
-I fell in love with reading at a pretty young age, I grew up in a house surrounded by books, but the magical I am hooked moment was surely at around the age of 10 and it was Nancy Drew, what was your reading journey like?
I also grew up with parents who were avid readers. As preschoolers my sister and I used to pretend to read and write...and we loved to hear stories.. and we memorized them..However, I credit the debut of my love of reading to my second grade teacher..Apparently she could not get me to sit still on at least one day.  She sat me in front of the class..(I was humiliated).....but she gave me a book of fairy tales .........the class disappeared as far as I was concerned !!  Since then I have read anything I can get .I have even read many cereal boxes !
-Do you miss old style paper books? Refuse to give them up? Or simply love the convenience of e-books?
Love paper books, LOVE the smell and feel of old books, love the library and book store.  Love the atmosphere of the Barnes and Noble Coffee Shop.That is really hard to get enough book cases (and suitcases) for all the books !!!   Of course I have started books on so many electronic devices that I may have defeated the purpose of E-books
-Do you belong to any reading groups? Or like me are you a lone reader?
Other than sharing on Amazon and Good Reads or Twitter, I am pretty much a loner.  I do try to pimp my authors on Facebook, but I am selective with my Facebook friends .
I try not to write a book report, but just tell what I think of the book although I notice that some others do tell about the book.
If I do not write a review about a book, either I have not read it yet, or it was not my type of book ( I like a lot of different books and I may tell what type reader I believe will like the book)   Only once did I write a review on a book before I read the last word......I understand that writers do not like I won't do that again................soooo a review might be late ...OOPS.. sometimes life kicks in !!
Aside from reading can you share any other hobbies?
I love camping and the beach ..especially if I can take the grandbabies ! Love to travel and love the mountains also. I do some sewing and crocheting
-I know your review stated that The Bridge of Deaths is a huge departure from your type of book, so tell us what genres do you prefer and why?
I enjoy murder mysteries and gothic romance (Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt type), I enjoy historical novels especially with a mystery, I do not read much military type books although I enjoy the theory and did enjoy a book about D-Day.  I have read research papers.. and written a few..Not my favorite
writing style,  but sometimes necessary to gain information .
However, I MUST tell how much I enjoyed The Bridge of Deaths !! It was very refreshing and I became totally immersed in the plot. I enjoy predicting endings, but I must say that it is difficult with all the twists in this story.  There is a little history, a little "paranormal", a love affair, intrigue, and more! Whatever genre you prefer. there is a lot you will love about this book. but do know that there is a lot of research shared. You can learn a LOT.
-In The Bridge of Deaths what character was your favorite?

I liked all three major characters.  Maggie was, of course, the dominant character, but Catalina played a major role too, with all her research.  Bill was the catalyst without whom none of this could have come together. 
-Do you think Maggie has a realistic message as a pacifist?
I have trouble understanding pacifists at best.  But I remember the war protesters from Vietnam and I met Quakers in England and there are the Amish. 
Maggie was a special person..but she was young.  It would be interesting to see her views after more life experience.
In my heart I know that I would do whatever it took to save my child, so I cannot see pacifism as anything but ambiguous.      I really have to admire an author (you) who can realistically portray what (to me ) is a moral and real dilemma
-How do you feel about psychics and past life regressions? Have you ever visited one or had any form of hypnosis? If not have you ever thought about it?
Not so much................However, I really enjoyed the way you did realistic.
I have thought about not believe I would be a good candidate...
 I could see myself fitting into a previous life just because I have experienced those lives  vicariously.
-The book is laden with must think and discern history, your review said that it was not an era you were versed in, what impacted you the most?
It was so REAL......I was there with the characters.. I regressed with them and then I felt the sling back into the present......dizzying !
I was in college before I learned about the war........but this build up to the war and the events in the story .......just put into the action.  I could feel the emotions and the events as if they were happening at the moment.
-Have you seen the movie Dead Again the book makes reference to or read books along the lines Many Lives Many masters?
No, but it did not detract from my reading experience.  Sometimes I do go back and read materials that are referenced in a book I'm reading.  Thank you internet search engines.
-Is there anything else you wish to add? How can authors contact you if you are up for review requests.
Thank you very much for allowing me this opportunity.
I really enjoy your writing style and your imaginative way of interpreting historical people and events.  I look forward to immersing myself in more of your tales.
Thanks Mary for allowing me to pick your brain and for all the wonderful plugging  of  The Bridge of Deaths .
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing !!!, April 11, 2014
I read the whole thing !
I do not normally read this type of literature, but Ms Egan made it so compelling.

This is the story of 3 people who are searching for answers about a plane crash before World War II.

They were not involves with the crash directly, but as you read about the stressors that drove them together, you begin to wonder what is real and just maybe it is not what you thought was real.

The story is written like a diary of a research project, rather than in a strictly narrative style.

I will definitely read more books by this author !!!

Thank you MCV Egan for sharing this tale.


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Cross THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS with this well documented pre WWII journey through history with fictional and metaphysical twists.

In the winter of 2009-2010 a young executive, Bill is promoted and transferred to London for a major International firm. He has struggled for the better part of his life with nightmares and phobias, which only seem to worsen in London. As he seeks the help of a therapist he accepts that his issues may well be related to a ‘past-life trauma’.

Through love, curiosity, archives and the information superhighway of the 21st century Bill travels through knowledge and time to uncover the story of the 1939 plane crash.

On August 15th, 1939 an English passenger plane from British Airways Ltd. Crashed in Danish waters between the towns of Nykobing/Falster and Vordingborg. There were five casualties reported and one survivor. Just two weeks before Hitler invaded Poland with the world at the brink of war the manner in which this incident was investigated left much open to doubt. The jurisdiction battle between the two towns and the newly formed Danish secret police, created an atmosphere of intrigue and distrust.

The Bridge of Deaths is a love story and a mystery. Fictional characters travel through the world of past life regressions and information acquired from psychics as well as archives and historical sources to solve “One of those mysteries that never get solved” is based on true events and real people, it is the culmination of 18 years of sifting through sources in Denmark, England and the United States, it finds a way to help the reader feel that he /she is also sifting through data and forming their own conclusions. 

The Bridge of Deaths WEBSITE
 The journey takes the reader to well known and little known events leading up to the Second World War, both in Europe and America. The journey also takes the reader to the possibility of finding oneself in this lifetime by exploring past lives.

September 1938, Neville Chamberlain and The Munich Pact

M.C.V. Egan (Maria Catalina Vergara Egan) is the author of The Bridge of Deaths. The story came about through a lifelong obsession to solve the MYSTERY of her maternal grandfather's death in faraway Denmark.
Her grandfather died on August 15th, 1939 in a passenger airplane with a small group of men; all of whom left an interesting trail of doubt as to who they really were. This was two weeks before Hitler invaded Poland and the world plunged into WWII.
The research for this took M.C.V. Egan to various countries, through the unusual world of psychics, to a Peruvian Shaman and past life regressions.
She lives in South Florida with her Husband, Tom Egan; credited with the cover photo, their teenage son and five pound Chihuahua.

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Ottilie Weber interview and works

My Photo
New Jersey, United States
Ottilie Weber grew up in Wall, New Jersey, not far from the beach. She always has a book in her hands or nearby, despite her dyslexia. She graduated from The College of New Jersey, earning a degree in History Secondary Education. Ottilie has a passion for writing, where she is ready to take on the next project. Her family and close friends are there to help her take on the bumps or potholes in the road.
1. What are  your books  about?

I have two young adult books already out, but my most current book that was published was my first New Adult book. It is about a young veteran solider who is covered in burn scars from an accident overseas. It is also about Eponine who had to drop out of college when her parents died to take care of her little sister. The two of them are both healing and hopefully will have the readers feeling for the two of them as they flip through the pages.


2. What inspired you to write this particular book?

For years I wanted to write a Beauty and the Beast remake, but I have several failed attempts saved to my computer to prove it. Then this idea came to me and I just let the character guide me because this story became something I wasn't expecting.


3. What authors inspire or influence your work?

When I was writing Beneath the Scars I tried to avoid anything that might make things think that I got my ideas from that. My sister even bought Beastly when it came out on DVD, but I wouldn't watch it till I was done writing the story. Authors that have inspired me though Sarah Dessen, Jennifer Echols, and Laurie Faria Stolarz are the biggies. However while writing this story I did play Lady Antebellum's 'Own the Night' quite a bit…


4. Do you need visual media to describe people or places?

Depends on what I'm writing. Sometimes I have googled visual help for buildings or dresses for certain events. However writing 'End of the Line' and working on my pirate story I almost wanted to get a Ken or Barbie doll to mark up as a reminder to what injuries the characters had.


5. Is the Thesaurus one of your best writing friends?

I do use the right click button feature a lot, because I do tend to use the same words over and over again. However I recently found an actual copy of the thesaurus and want to train myself to use that more than the right click button.


6. Who gets to read your drafts before they're published?

This is going to sound pretty bad, but depending on who is available depends on who gets to read it before I send it to the editors. I have sent them to friends and even my Grammy. Recently I might have found a beta group that will be helpful too! The more eyes the better!


7. Share the biggest hurdles in the marketing process.

Biggest marketing hurdle, is marketing in general. The market is forever expanding and the internet is an every growing with it so it is hard to reach out those voices. I'm on several different media sources and have been befriending many other indie authors so that has been helping.


8. Are you both a blogger and a writer?

I am both. I do slack on regular blog posts that make me look friendly, but between work and school I do not write as much as I should…


9. Do you host tours on your blog?

I have not for my own books, but for others I have helped host their blog tours. I have fun helping with tours, giveaways, and reviews.


10. What project(s) are you working on now?

I have a couple different things going on right now. I have two young adult books and one new adult book in different stages. I have one young adult I'm rewriting because I wrote it in high school and it does need some fine toning. I'm trying to see if one of my books has a sequel in the works. Then my new adult book is a stand alone that you might see a guest appearance from characters from Beneath the Scars, but I don't want to give away too much in case I jinx anything!
Silly Time!

1.   Chocolate or Vanilla?      Chocolate!

2.   Coffee or Tea?      Hot Chocolate!

3.   Ice cream or Frozen Yogurt?     I will eat frozen yogurt, but ice cream by far!

4.   True Love or passionate fling?   True love, deep down I'm a mush…

5.   Urban or Rural?      Rural

6.   Favorite city…      Probably Venice, Rome, London, NYC, Paris

You can find my books in all e-book formats and paperback versions on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.


Short Works


Shadows from the Past

October 12, 2013

Children fear what lurks in the shadows. After the tragic loss of her best friend, Renee learns that what stalks the shadows wants her. She will have to choose the darkness or die.


Best Friends

April 3, 2013

Travel through Jordan and Michelle's friendship. Jordan has just moved back to her hometown with her daughter and she reflects on major points on her friendship with Michelle.


Tis' the Holiday Spirit
November 26, 2011
Blurb of overall collection: 
Then a ninja elf came and broke Santa out, no net is strong enough to keep out this ninja elf!  Off past the Faithful family pet they ran and jumped in the sligh.  They raced to another house but refused to stop when ghosts were there to greet them.  Santa doesn't tangle with ghosts.  He doesn't tangle with vampires either.  At the next stop he met a runaway gingerbread man who yelled, "You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" Santa didn't bother to catch him; he had things to do.  On his way to his next delivery, he passed a werewolf jumping out of a plane and dodged a zombie hungry for his brain.  He finally touched down in a nice, normal town full of tidings and great joy...Or did he?  Dive into a world of variety a world of spirit with this Creative Reviews anthology.  What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with some short stories that entertain and encompass the true meaning of Christmas?  All proceeds of this book will be donated to the NCADV (national coalition against domestic violence).  Debut authors and published authors have come together in this on-of-a-kind compilation - please help support a great cause and plunge deep into our imaginations.



Beneath the Scars
November 2, 2013
292 pages
Corporal Riley Nolan is back home and out of the hospital after sustaining severe injuries in a skirmish overseas. His physical injuries may be healed, though he is left with horrible scars all over his body. His mind is still healing, and he has almost no contact with the world outside his small dark apartment.

After the death of her parents and being forced to sell their house and move into an apartment in a new town, Eponine is left picking up the pieces while trying to maintain a normal life for her little sister, Genevieve.

Can these new neighbors help each other heal, finding the light and laughter in the world again? Most importantly, can Eponine help Riley see he's not the monster he believes himself to be beneath the scars?

Family Ties
April, 2011 ~ 2013...
174 pages ~ 258
Stories told by word of mouth can get twisted or lost. Abby grew up hearing about her great-grandmother Emma, a royal who left that life to come to America. Yet when Abby takes a summer job with her best friend Cory, she feels eyes on her. When she is kidnapped after leaving work, Abby learns there may be a hidden part of her family tree...


End of the Line
March 2, 2009 ~ September 8, 2012
138 pages  ~ 206 pages
When so much is lost how does one to have the strength to move on? At seventeen Lauren was prepared for yet another year of school. Then asteroids hit, killing all of those she knew except for a few other teens from her neighborhood. Joining forces with her classmate Aaron, they work together on the journey in the hopes of finding more people that are alive. On the way, threats of starvation, illness, and freezing to death don’t compare to the danger of Dean Manson. Manson is an ex-con out for revenge against Aaron. With so much working against them these teens fight for everything even if it means denying their feelings just for the chance to see a new day.     


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TITLE – Breaking Free
SERIES – Others of Edenton
AUTHOR – Brandy L Rivers
GENRE – Adult Paranormal Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 67k
PUBLISHER – Brandy L Rivers
COVER ARTIST – Brandy L Rivers

Breaking Free - Cover


They say that dreams can come true, but as a dreamwalker, Devlin had yet to experience anything but nightmares. Then again, the druid had been held by sadistic vampires and dark mages for twenty years, forced to do their bidding. Newly escaped, he stumbles upon a dreamrealm where he can’t resist a little werewolf.

Jamie just wants someone to call her own. She feels like she’s been waiting for an awfully long time, when a man who teases her memory begins to visit her while she’s dreaming. From the moment she feels his turmoil, she’s drawn in, wanting nothing more than to heal his broken soul.

Before Devlin can decide what to do, he has to make a trip to Edenton. His first goal is to make sure someone who can’t remember him is safe and happy. The little werewolf of his dreams happens to live there, and she’s even more irresistible in real life.

When you’ve been taught all your life to run, what will make you change? Can Jamie convince her mate to stay and fight? Will he risk everything to have what he needs? Or run to save them all?


Breaking Free


The moon shone bright over a crystal clear lake. Thousands of stars were reflected, like floating diamonds sparkling. The breeze blew gently through red cedar, pine, and maple. The clean mountain air reminded him of camping with his family when he was a boy.
It had been so long since he had the liberty, and desire, to enjoy nature. The water called to Devlin. Carefully, without a sound, he pulled the clothes from his body and placed them on the stump beside him.
With a slow breath, he walked into the gentle ripples, creating larger crests of his own. Warm water greeted him. He dove under, swimming deeper.
A splash caught Devlin’s attention. He broke the surface to find nothing, and no one. Closing his eyes, he reached out with his senses. A lone werewolf was close.
Panic flared through him, and he started for the shore, but a woman surfaced before him. A slow smile spread on her face when he flailed back, splashing her in his surprise.
“Your heart’s pounding.” Amusement sparkled in her pale blue topaz eyes as she placed one small hand over his chest. Warmth washed through him offering a calm he couldn’t remember ever feeling.
Yet, he was terrified the Dales were tracking him. A dream, nothing more than a dream. They can’t find me, he reminded himself.
“You startled me,” Devlin replied.
“Hmm.” Her foot brushed against his calf, sending a shiver through his entire body. She tapped her finger to her chin. “You remind me of someone, but I can’t figure out who.”
Intrigued, and certainly heading toward aroused, he asked, “What makes you say that?”
One corner of her shiny pink mouth lifted impishly. “Don’t know, but you do.” Her voice had taken on a husky purr which effectively made his blood pump faster.
A dream, just a dream, he told himself. Then he did something bold, something he hadn’t done in so long he was sure he’d fail, even in a fantasy. “What’s a sweet little wolf like you doing out here all alone?”
Her giggle was melodic as her already dazzling eyes lit up. “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”
As if on cue, his resistance broke. Her tiny waist fit perfectly in his hands, her hips flared in a way that made him groan. Devlin propelled them closer to the shore, until his feet touched bottom.
Before he could make his move, her legs locked around his hips and her fingers caressed up his shoulder and neck to delve into his hair. She grazed her lips over his. Afraid to take things too far, he slid his hands up her back, pressing her full breasts against his chest.
Needing more of her taste, he deepened their kiss. Devlin felt more alive than he could remember. A dream, just a blasted dream, his brain chimed in. The knowledge didn’t stop him from sweeping his tongue into her mouth when she opened to him.
Her body undulated in tune with his, and her heated core slid against his hardened length. The urge to bury himself in her was too much.
Pulling back, he panted, “Your name? Need your name, Precious.”
“Precious?” She licked her lips as she stared back at him with something like awe in her big blue eyes.
He tipped his forehead to hers and breathed in her wild but seductive scent. “You’ve set me free of my old life. You’ve given me something to look forward to.” He didn’t know where the words came from, but he didn’t dare take them back. They felt right.
“Jamie Abrams. You better come to me.” There was a command hidden in her sweet sassy voice, one he truly wanted to obey. “I’ll be waiting.”
He nodded, rolling her name through his head like a fine wine over his tongue.

Author Photo

Brandy L Rivers is the author of the Others of Edenton Series. There are more Others of Edenton in the works. She is also working on the first couple books in the Others of Seattle series.
As an avid reader, Brandy has always loved writing. She became serious about it as a stay-at-home-mother. She has a file full of manuscripts she plans to edit and put out there eventually.
She lives in Western Washington with her husband and three kids, where she is already working on the future stories in the series.



Image of Jeffrey Aaron Miller
·        Hello Jeffrey can you please share with us a bit about the book you are currently working on?

It’s a rather dark (but hopeful) story about young slaves living in the bowels of a massive and mysterious factory, watched over by cruel robots. The nature and purpose of their work is not entirely clear to them. All they know is that their lives are short, harsh and brutal. However, one day, for reasons unknown to the workers, some previously unknown doors open up, and they are able to escape into the corridors. What follows is a harrowing journey (and terrifying chase) into the heart of the factory.

·        Do you have specific techniques you use to develop the plot and stay on track?

This book had a rather unusual development. It started out as four separate short stories taking place in the same world during the same period of time. I wove the four stories together and united the characters to give a bigger picture.

·        Favorite snack when writing.

Well, continual caffeine intake certainly helps, whether in the form of beverages or chocolate.

·        Once a character is fully developed do you set them free or do they still dance around your mind?

Although I usually have the overall plot well in mind when I start writing, I often let my characters act in ways that seem authentic to their personalities. As a result, they sometimes cause me quite a bit of frustration, but I don’t force them back in line if it doesn’t feel right. The plot can bend accordingly.

·        Share with us your biggest hurdles in the writing process?

Oh, rewriting and revisions. My stars and garters! By the time I make the final pass through the manuscript before publishing, I am usually thoroughly sick of the story.

·        What project(s) are you working on now?

I just finished a nice dark and bleak little novel called Fading Man. It is a post-apocalyptic tale about a man trying to find a city that only exists in his memory. It takes place in the same world as another novel of mine, Shadows of Tockland. There’s a lot of crazy stuff, weird and freaky people, and some violent derring-do from start to finish. I am currently trying to make the ending a bit less of a downer.

·        Is there anything else you would like to say to your readers?

Children of the Mechanism contains the only chapter I’ve ever written that actually managed to genuinely disturb me. If you ever read the novel, it’s in Part Five, and it is a rather claustrophobic scene involving a hole in the ground. My goodness, I get a bit queasy just thinking about it.

·        Where can readers find you and your book(s) online? 

My website is probably a good place to start.

contains links to all of my books, my blog, various relevant websites, and

it also contains sample chapters, pics, videos and some other interesting

 content. My blog is .
For Jeffrey and all his books click link below

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Interview with Author CANDY O'DONNELL

Hello Candy  Can you please tell us about your book?
*** My book is about my mother's struggle with leukemia in 1983-84. She became ill around Thanksgiving, and by Christmas we were told she might not make it. This story is in my words.
What inspired you to write this particular story (and/or series)?
*** I have to admit that my mother was my inspiration for this story. It is short, and to the point and I gathered what memories I had of her and inserted them into this book.
Describe your writing in three words.
*** Tirelessly walking through.
Do you have specific techniques you use to develop the plot and stay on track?
*** With this book, I have a fairly simple plot. For most of my books I allow the characters to take over and write what they want.
Are your characters in the book based on anyone you know?
*** Yes, the concept is about my mother and her struggle with leukemia. During the early 80s there was no cure and her doctor had only seen one other person with leukemia.
Do you need visual media to describe people or places? (Some authors use pics. out of magazines)
*** No, actually. I have such a vivid imagination and my memories have not left me yet. lol
Favorite snack when writing.
*** It is an absolute must to have ice water as I write.

Once a character is fully developed do you set them free or do they still dance around your mind?
*** They dance for weeks, if not months.

Is the Thesaurus one of your best writing friends?
*** The Thesaurus is one of my best friends when I write.

 Who gets to read your drafts before they're published?
*** I single out certain people to read my work. That is very few and far between as it is.

Share with us your biggest hurdles in the writing process?
*** Writers block can be a huge hurdle. I've been known to go for months without writing. It is impossible to put one word down when this occurs.

Share the biggest hurdles in the marketing process.
*** I find marketing to be difficult, but it is getting easier the more I learn from other writers and publishers. I learn by observation and have been able to add many things to my marketing sack along the way.

What project(s) are you working on now?
***I am finishing up a series for my current publisher Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. And another series has cropped up during that process which is currently in their hands at the moment. *fingers crossed*

Is there anything else you would like to say to your readers*** Just write. I have found that is the only way to express how I feel and what is within my head. I am constantly racing through different titles, books, and plots. That is how I operate.

Where can readers find you and your book(s) online?

Twitter: @Candyodonnell