Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Final Hearing by Oscar Sanders

Just when you thought that you saw it all, here comes award winning feature film and music video director Oscar Sanders switches lanes to provide you with a fiction crime/suspense/horror novel entitled Final Hearing which follows the lives of the infamous brothers Vincent and Reggie Cochran-which has a foundation in the Bronx to factualize the story. Then the book takes on a life of its own takes on a life of its own as a bonified adventure through Northern New York, Minnesota, Nevada, UK, Brazil, Cayman Islands, and North Carolina. There is political intrigue, vengeance, revenge, British Barons, Black Panthers, the parole system, supermodels, substance abuse, heavyweight boxing champions, terrorism financing, pharmaceutical theft, love, betrayal, crime, and finally blood, guts and gore! Oh, what a story this is!


What would you do if the older brother that you looked up to was set up, indicted, and convicted for a crime he didn't commit? In a fit of anger, you too became a convicted felon. Vincent Cochran, the current Bronx city councilman twice suspected in the deaths of a much loved political couple. His younger brother Reggie, a novice to politics but understandably loyal and revengeful towards anyone out to malign Vincent. Together they are the defendants in two legal dramas that were dubbed "The Bribe & Burn Trials". It is those trials and the before and after, sprinkled with a healthy eclectic dose of cast and characters that make up a thoroughly engaging novel Final Hearing. An adventure in life, sibling affection, and unforeseen real life emotion. Read Final Hearing! You won't be able to put it down!

This is Oscar Sanders first literary work. He is best known as the award winning director of the feature jazz documentary Billy Bang: Long Over Due, Industrious Grind: Artist Coming Up (music video compilation), and the up coming feature documentary Michael Carvin: No Excuses.