Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Roger Rapel

ROGER served as a detective sergeant in the UK police for 30 years investigating many serious crimes including murder, rapes, child abuse and many other criminal activities.

Having retired some 17 years ago I have now decided to put pen to paper so to speak. On the investigations undertaken but fictionalizing for obvious reasons.

My first book Cindy where are you? will take the reader into many dark and unwelcome places including unearthing corpses of murdered children. The smell of rotting human flesh is one that will never leave you.

The investigation takes the reader through from the beginning to the conclusion including the personal lives of the investigator and his ultimately doomed marriage.  




Jim's marriage was nearly on the rocks because of his long hours working as a Detective Sergeant including his afterhours drinking. He was on the verge of having a fling with Jackie a young vivacious detective who had shown more than a professional interest in him. 

The investigation into Cindy's disappearance would test Jim's skills as a detective. He looked through the papers on his desk. He sat staring at Cindy’s photograph then said out loud ‘Cindy where are you?’  

His world would be turned upside down by the revelations he uncovered which reached into the government corridors of power. Then his bosses were told to back off the investigation by the secret services. But they didn’t, what was uncovered made even the most hardened officers cringe with disgust as more depraved sexual acts were uncovered……….
UPCOMING BOOKS by the same author  
The Sequel
DS Jim Broadbent’s marriage was over, his long hours and after hours drinking culminated in his long suffering wife June leaving him then filing for a divorce.
His investigative skills and demeanour would be tested when he began to investigate two rapes albeit 18 months apart, they were the same MO making him think he was investigating a serial rapist.
His sensitive investigative skills when interviewing victims were put to the test, but with his sympathetic approach and empathy he managed to extract vital information.
The forensic scientist had found similar fibres on each victims clothing which confirmed the same offender. Now the hunt began.
His affair with Jackie was reaching a crescendo they were both using each other to reach sexual heights neither had encountered before.
Then a massive fraud case landed on his desk which would test Jim. Jim used Jackie to try and extract information from the fraudsters wife who sexually approached Jackie offering to supply her with vital information if she came back after her shift ended; which if correct would confirm Jim’s suspicion………..
Then the Cindy case rose again with another ex-pat in Spain wanting to spill the beans on another UK sex ring; who’s well to do members were abusing children in their homes. The corridors of power would feature again, how high would it go this time............................?  

Seat 3F

Martyn catches a plane from Birmingham UK to Alicante in Spain; his allocated seat is in row F seat 3 which is a window seat. As he shuffles down the aisle he notices an attractive young woman in one of the rows, he mentally counts down the seat rows and she is in his.

He can’t believe his luck the woman is allocated the middle seat; but he the gentleman offers her the window seat. Her name is Maria he notices her perfume which is high end and lingers in his nose and mind. They both have an affair but then his mind goes into turmoil as her scent follows him wherever he goes, was she there or not?

Martyn is paranoid he comes home the scent is there he gets into his car it’s there as well, he holds is head is he going mad or is she out to kill him……………..?

Gift or curse
(Cover release to be announced)

Mark was travelling by coach on the long journey to meet his estranged wife to try and sort out amicably their divorce. He met Michaela whilst on the coach, which ended with them having a relationship, but what he didn’t know in the beginning anyhow, was she could sometimes see visions when she touched an object or the shaking of someone’s hand. Her mind’s eye would be blinded by a searing white light, as the light gradually dissipated she would see the vision as clear as day.

She touched Marks hand then bang! The white out happened, she called it a curse; her mother called it a gift. She couldn’t tell Mark what she had seen but he knew something was wrong, what had she seen……..?

The occult ran in the family as Michaela’s mother was a Tarot card reader or was she……..?

Marks wife was leading a double life, on the surface a high flying city executive reaching for the top or was she……?

The reader will be taken on twists and turns which isn’t apparent in the beginning.