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Women of Wine Country Series by T Wells Brown Genre: Romantic Suspense


My name is Terry Wells-Brown, I write under the pen T Wells Brown. When I first made the decision to publish my work, I was told by a very accomplished author, my name was too long and women wouldn’t buy a book from a hyphenated name. I don’t know how true that is, but it doesn’t matter because I like the pen I chose. I know some authors like the anonymity a pen name brings, but at this stage of my life there really isn’t anything I want to hide. 

I grew up a military brat moving from air force base to air force base in the southern US states. It broke my young heart every time I had to leave my newly formed gang of girlfriends behind. This broken heartedness is what lead me to write stories about a young group of girls who had a charm bracelet. When one of the girls had to leave for whatever reason (funeral in another state, summer camp) the bracelet went with them. Their job was to bring a ‘charm’ back with the bracelet and share their adventure with the friends. I managed very successfully to incorporate this into my Women of Wine Country books. 

I’ve written all my life. My mother used to call me a day dreamer. My stories were scenes that played out in my head like little short movies. It wasn’t until later in life when I became very ill with a long undiagnosed illness that I found myself bedbound. With nothing else to do, I read everything I could get my hands on. Once I’d reread everything twice, I started writing my own stories just to pass the time. Never dreaming my stories would become books, that would become a series, that morphed into a career. No one in my life knew I wrote. I never dreamed my writing was good enough for others to read. My husband happened on some of my chapters, without my knowledge. Once he read them he asked what the hell had I been doing my life. He said I should be writing. He told me I was a writer. And with his strength at my back, I published my first book, a year after the surgery that brought me back to life. That was August 13 2019. I now how four novels and a novella published in my Women of Wine Country series. 

While my books are definitely romance (because who doesn’t love a sexy alpha who falls hopeless in love with us?) a large focus of my books are on the strong sisterhood of friends who are there for each other through thick and thin. In my opinion, there is nothing truer than your tribe. While the world would have us believe differently, women are fiercely loyal. Nothing is sweeter than a friend turned sister. 

My books are for women of all ages. My heroes run the gambit of just starting out, to women with grown children looking for their second chance. The females in my stories need each other, need their men, but always find their own strength. I believe it’s our duty to weave stories of strength of the women who come after us. Stories of friendships, love and success. It’s important for us to embrace ourselves and live our best lives unapologetically. 

My books have sexual content, violence and strong language. I chose to write this way because life has those elements and I wanted these books to be realistic. 

This first year I wrote what I knew. I live in a lovely wine region in northern central California. I have an amazing husband, a strong tribe of fearless women, three grown sons with families of their own, and fur babies I love with all of my heart. 

This next year I am plotting a dark Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance series Earth Magic. I’m so excited about this series because I have been building this fantasy world my entire life. The series will have minimum 14 full length novels, numerous novellas, several children’s stories, and at least three YA books. The books tackle what we are doing to the planet, and the other species that live on it with us. They tackle our misbelieve of entitlement and injustice, while still being epic entertaining page turners. I’m super excited for them to land in the hands of my readers. Watch for the first book near the end of 2021. 

I have a trilogy coming October 2022 Day of the Dead. Another fantasy based on Mexican Myology and am super excited to release it. I’ve been “running this film” in my head since I saw my very first sugar skull as a child. 

I have a political intrigue series plotted out of seven book called American Honor. It’s super suspenseful and falls on the heels of the Women of Wine Country series. The WWC book that segues into the new series is Author & Assassin. It’s about an author who writes political suspense and the hit man that is sent to take her out. American Honor is the series she wrote. 

I am cowriting a Romantic Suspense series Sisters of Sin with 5 other writers form all over the world. I have the first book, Vanity, so watch for that series the beginning of 2022. 

I have several nonfiction books I am co authoring with several other writers. Wine Country Killers, Women and Wealth, We Live What We Believe. These books seem to take longer. I haven’t published any nonfiction yet. I am excited to get working on them but don’t have release timelines yet. 

I love writing. But my love of writing only comes because I fell in love with books at an early age. I am a ferocious reader. My reading tastes change, when I was younger I devoured Lawrence Sanders, Dick Francis, Harold Robbins, Jackie Collins, Danielle Steele, and of course Stephen King. I used to love Julie Garwood and Linda Howard. Now, some of my favorite authors are Kristen Ashely, JR Ward, Lori Foster, and Craig Martelle to name a few. 

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Murder & Mayhem
Women of Wine Country Book 1
by T Wells Brown
Genre: Romantic Suspense

I’m not a nice man, Isabella,” Cabe said.
Wait, this didn’t sound like an apology.
But now that I’ve gotten a taste of you, I want more.”
Yep. Definitely not an apology.
And Isabella, I plan to devour you,” he said, making shivers run over my skin.
 He thinks he inherited me along with the winery.  He couldn't be more wrong.
Bossy-but-gorgeous Cabe Brown will break my heart if I'm not careful, I just know it.
To make matters worse, someone is trying to kill me.
Like, dead.
How am I supposed to survive a murderer and Cabe?

At least I have my Women of Wine Country tribe. I inherited them with the winery, and I couldn't get rid of them if I tried. Not that I would. Try that is. They're a crazy wine guzzling sisterhood of badass women who stick to each other like gorilla glue. Nothing pulls them apart, and nothing is ever boring when they're around. I can trust them to keep my head clear and watch out for me. I can count on them. Most of the time anyway... ♥. I wanted to be just like them.
Now, along with Cabe, the winery and some freak trying to kill me, I have this damned letter my aunt left me. 
I can't open it. Not until I become the woman, she believed me to be.

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Lawyer & Liar
Women of Wine Country Book 2

Officer down! Those two words loop over and over in my head, every-single-day since I found a sexy as heck man bleeding out on the side of the highway.
Not just any man.
Oh no, of course not. It had to be a Big Strong Sexy Alpha Man; my kryptonite. It gets worse when he figures out how attracted I am to him and uses it to his advantage.
Never trust a man who doesn't play fair.
Saving his life changed everything in mine. And not for the good.
Now, I’m on the run. I never dreamed, in all my boring days, I’d find myself running from the Russian Mafia! How the heck did I end up here?
All I can say is that Big Strong Sexy Alpha Man better figure it out, and fast! Because these men mean business!
Bad business.

Beauty & Betrayal
Women of Wine Country Book 3

How do you get past a deep betrayal without losing your identity? If you're Jenna White, you do it by working your butt off and surrounding yourself with beautiful things, faithful fur babies, and a loyal wine tribe sisterhood.
That is until domineering dog man, Marcus, gets a whiff of Jenna. His pursuit of her changes everything. But now that he’s drawn her in, will he keep her, or will he too betray Jenna’s trust?
Will she be able to count on Marcus to help her with the stalker? Or will she have to save herself from that little problem too?
Get ready ladies, grab your wine glass cause you’re about to change the way you see your men and your tribe.

Babies & Badass
Women of Wine Country Book 4

What is harder to deal with? Babies or a Badass?
This man is making me crazy! Luckily for him, he's gorgeous or it wouldn't be worth the grief!
I should have known better. My mother warned me. Now, when I need him most, he turns his back on me. What have I done? Marrying a man like this? I’m beyond annoyed that my husband won’t leave me alone long enough to prepare meals for the upcoming birth of our children. I rise early one morning only to find the person I’ve hired to help me, is stealing from me. Then, he takes her side. Why couldn’t I have picked a man who would choose me first?

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Grief & Greed
Women of Wine Country Book 5

When a California wildfire ravages her world, Francesca tries to make the best of things. She has to. Her daughters need her to get her shit together if their family has any chance of surviving. Being a contractor in a man's world isn't easy. A jealous competitor on top of it all makes it even harder. Possibly deadly.
Enter Laird 'The Scots' Hamilton. A domineering Scotsman who has an uncontrollable desire to protect Francesca and her small wounded family. When Laird is asked to help find out who is trying to ruin Francesca he discovers more than he bargained for.
Laird isn't your typical hero. Some of the things he does has Francesca unsure of his intentions. Is he the hero she needs? Or is he another problem she will be forced to deal with?

T Wells Brown grew up in the deep south, chasing frogs (kissing some of them), catching crawdads from the local creek (much to her mother's dismay), and traipsing through poison ivy (half her childhood was spent covered in calamine lotion).
She now lives in the lush California Zinfandel wine country with the Love of Her Life and their four rescued pups. Pups she often writes into her books.
Besides reading, writing, and wine guzzling, she devotes her time to her small community, her wine tribe sisterhood, feeding, and re-homing the plethora of homeless pets in the community, and promoting women's issues.
You can find her Podcast Women of Wine Country on all the podcast platforms. If you like to be in the know sign up for the newsletter on Or join our Facebook group Women of Wine Country to see what new events we have planned and to stay updated on the new releases.
And as with everything she does; a portion of her book sales will go directly to helping feed and re-home homeless and abandoned pets. Because it's true; T Wells Brown likes animals way more than she likes people and she likes people a whole heck of a lot!

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  1. T. Wells Brown is a new author to me. I felt close to her just by reading her Bio. Surving Hurricane Camille and growing up in the deep south, sounds like Charleston, SC. I am also familiar with the Naval Base and my birthday is August 6th. I will be reading all her books as soon as I can get my hands on them. I love her Goodreads picture and those dogs are darling. They could be her bodygaurds.