Saturday, March 9, 2013

FOREVER YOUNG series by Gerald A. Simpkins Today Books I & II

   Immerse yourself in the most different take on the subject of vampires ever written.  Young Ian McCloud is unwittingly drawn into the strange company of vampires as a result of protecting someone.  Because of his unknowing intrusion into their shadowy world, his life has become one of romantic interludes punctuated by eye-popping mortal combat and unimaginably sorrowful events. 

   He has met and fallen in love with two women, one of whom is a vampire.  Experience his emotional conflict as he realizes both the great joy and the extreme sorrow of the life he has been thrust into by fate.  Ian boldly cuts a wide swath as he forges ahead in his sometimes uncertain world. 

   You have never read a novel that explores the subject of vampires as does ‘Forever Young The Beginning’….
Deciding to go to America in 1775, Ian McCloud seeks to forget the sorrowful deaths of two loved ones. He had already been chosen to be the point man of a business venture in the new world by his mentor and another friend. Shortly after his arrival he is inadvertently drawn into a personal rivalry that results in him making a dangerous enemy of a high-ranking British officer.
That in turn forces him to take precautions which lead to a chain of events that involve him with a young woman and also which propel him into the turmoil of the American Revolutionary War.
Join Ian McCloud as he finds himself in the vortex of turbulent events that will result in the birth of a nation. Ian continues to cut a wide swath as he boldly proceeds to live his sometimes chaotic life to its fullest. This is the second volume of the Forever Young series, and like the first one, you have never read a story that deals with the subject of vampires as does 'Forever Young Birth Of A Nation'.
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Gerald Simpkins bio:
Now retired, I had a lifelong career in telecommunications. I have a love of the written word and have always admired those who can skillfully express feelings and events in writing. Since February of 2012 I have written three novels titled 'Forever Young The Beginning', 'Forever Young Birth Of A Nation', and 'Forever Young Irina'. I also wrote a book about Bible Codes in 1998 which is titled 'Secrets of the Bible'.
I live in the Southeastern United States in the countryside with my wife Kathy. For some ten years, I had a deep love affair with flying. Hopelessly hooked after my very first flight on a hang glider, I began a journey of flying gliders and ultralights, even becoming a dealer for three different brands and an observer for the southeastern region of the then U S H G Assn. To this day, I have to say that I loved that more than any past time, hobby, or sport in which I ever participated. Next to being a husband and father, it was the high point of my life.
I love to write and I thoroughly enjoy creating characters and developing them to where my readers can get a feel for not only how they look, but how they think. Developing a plot and filling it with shocks, surprises, humorous events, and tenderness is what I strive for; and I strive to fill my stories with the full range of human emotions from true love to extreme hatred, and from laughter to tears. Surprises should be liberally sprinkled throughout the length of a story as well in my view. My goal is to transport the reader to a place where he cannot otherwise go simply by the power of my words *Gerry.Simpkins