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The Blade of Balance The White Raven Book 3 by M.J. Moores Genre: YA Urban Fantasy


 Legacies meets Lost Girl in this fast-paced new urban fantasy trilogy. 

When the supernatural world decides to kick your ass... Smile and kick it right back.  

The Blade of Balance

The White Raven Book 3

by M.J. Moores

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

No job. No alliance. No clue…

This isn’t about Dray finding herself anymore. This is war. Her BFF-Familiar is holding the fort at the club. Wolf Boy is in uber Nexus protection mode, and the drive-her-mentalist is tracking a missing dragon.

It’s time to go hunting… but seeking the essence required to jumpstart the Blade of Balance drops Dray squarely in everyone’s crosshairs. Really, nowhere better to be than on the brink of social annihilation behind enemy lines. Unfortunately, the key to unlocking the power of the Blade lies with Dray’s less-than-strategic ability to negotiate with severely unbalanced forces… and deciphering the meaning of the final riddle.

If Dray is only the Seeker… who, then, is the Wielder?


Lost Girl meets Legacies

If you like your urban fantasy rife with sassy resilient heroines, diverse characters, and a hint of mystery be sure to snatch a copy of The Blade of Balance today!


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The Soul Collector

The White Raven Book 2

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No… it’s a murder-hornet!

Stuck in raven form after her run-in with the most insane wizard alive, Dray is content to focus on healing. But the djinn she negotiated help from has other plans. He sends a warning via stinger in mid-air, forcing Dray to shift before she’s ready. The hostile calling card parrots in her head as she plummets to the ground: Time’s up. Favour’s due.

Back on the asphalt, Dray barely has time to take a breath, or a step, before getting blasted by a second summons. She’s on the fae council’s radar, big time. No one else can root-out the maniac wizard who spliced her soul (Public Enemy No.1), so the council offers Dray a deal she can’t refuse. Being a high school outcast never prepared her for this kind of popularity contest.

Can she survive spying for the good guys while breaking the djinn (Public Enemy No.2) out of jail right under their noses?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lost Girl meets Legacies

If you like your urban fantasy rife with sassy resilient heroines, diverse characters, and a hint of mystery be sure to snatch a copy of the second book in the White Raven series The Soul Collector today!

**On Sale for Only 1.99 May 27-31!!**

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The Hollow Kiss

The White Raven Book 1

Bloody Walls and Supernatural Espionage Were Not on the Final Exam

Graduation meant a whole new world away from the labels of outcast and freak, but a supernatural abduction leaves Corvina Dray with a hole in her memory and a deadly kiss.

Inexplicably drawn to a dark stranger in a back alley, Dray’s soul-sucking lip-lock lands her with a DB and the local PD on her trail. Then, a girl she doesn’t remember shows up out of nowhere and helps her dispose of the corpse.

Dray’s dead-body-bestie initiates her into an underground world with only one rule— expose the fae and suffer the consequences. But navigating this piranha-paradise to hunt down the maniac responsible for her transformation is likely to kill her… or worse.

Can Dray reverse the curse before she spends the rest of her life in an orange jumpsuit?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lost Girl meets Legacies

If you like your urban fantasy rife with sassy resilient heroines, diverse characters, and a hint of mystery be sure to snatch a copy of The Hollow Kiss today!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

See What the Experts Are Saying

"It was so much fun watching Dray unravel the mysteries of her new world. MJ's fantasy was fresh, and the plot intriguing." ~ Auburn Tempest, author of the Chronicles of an Urban Druid series

"Hollow Kiss is a terrific first-in-series for an exiting new paranormal YA series. If you like found-family stories with rich magic systems and tons of action, you’ll love Hollow Kiss."
~ Kim McDougall, author of the Valkyrie Bestiary series

**On Sale for Only .99cents May 27-31!!**

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MJ Moores has dabbled in all things writing since the age of nine. With a minor in creative writing, a decade teaching high school English and Drama, and more than twenty full-length works of fiction under her belt, her seven years as a freelance editor can only be the cherry on top of a life surrounded by story and words. Lately, you can find her working at the library on the days she's not dealing with a flurry of words for her latest book.

MJ loves to write upper YA adventure in sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense. Her newest series, The White Raven, is a fast-paced urban fantasy with a strong female lead, and a hint of mystery. Imagine Legacies meets Lost Girl -- Hold your breath and dive into the adventure. 

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Through the Storm; A Nonfiction Cancer Journal by IkwummaOgbuagu




Nonfiction / Journal / Cancer


A breast cancer journal. I really wanted the journal to be full of life and colourful. The illustrations made it come to life, I find them so inspiring and I hope you do as well!

This book has been a genuine labor of love. It is full of purpose and hope. Everything you see is my vision come true. Cancer threatens everything you believed to be true, I had my chemo-port removed and flew to Atlanta later that day, on the flight back, I believe it was a 6AM flight, all I wanted to do was sleep for the 2 hour flight.  Instead, this idea for a bookmark started forming in my head. I figured lots of people read in waiting rooms and chemo suites etc., so it made sense to create bookmarks with little quips to lift the spirit during these waits. Well, the ideas were flowing so fast that I couldn’t write fast enough and I had no paper, so I wrote on the plane barf bag (I still have it). It became apparent I had a lot more to say than a bookmark could hold. I still plan to make bookmarks some day soon.

I have included prompts for questions to ask. Symptom trackers to report to providers. Daily prompts to do something intentionally kind and uplifting in small bites because some days are really tough and it becomes difficult to remember the amazing person you were prior to a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. I am truly proud of it. There is a prayer/meditation script written by one of my dearest friends who chose words that can resonate with anyone regardless of faith or the absence thereof and in any tough life situation. There is a feature to track daily water intake and so much more.


#breastcancersurvivor🎀 #breastcancerbaddie #breastcancer


About the Author

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Come Home to Death by Marilyn Levinson Genre: Suspense, Thriller



It appears you can go home again, but sometimes, you shouldn’t. 

Come Home to Death

by Marilyn Levinson

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

"A master of the mystery and suspense genre.

—Midwest Book Review

Erica Parker has barely been a bride nine months when two thugs show up at her apartment while her husband is away on one of his infamous business trips, claiming he owes their boss a large gambling debt. Frightened for her life, and without any other options, she heads for her childhood Long Island home she escaped three years ago. And swore never to return.

The aunts who raised her are as interfering and controlling as ever, but soon as the family attorney advances the rest of her trust from her parents’ life insurance, she can return to normalcy. Except he refuses, instead spouting nonsense about how, if she waits, she will soon inherit millions. On her twenty-fifth birthday.
Problem is, someone doesn’t want her to live that long.

Her aunts are harboring secrets, people are turning up dead, her husband is nowhere to be found, and someone’s trying to kill her. It appears you can go home again, but sometimes, you shouldn’t.

*Fans of Janet Evanovich, Lisa Gardner, and Mary Russell will enjoy "Come Home To Death" by Marilyn Levinson

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A former Spanish teacher, Marilyn Levinson writes mysteries, romantic suspense, and novels for young readers. Her Golden Age of Mystery Book Club series was a King Rivers Life Magazine's "Best of 2014," and on Book Town's 2014 Summer Mystery Reading List. She’s an Agatha nominee, a Library Journal "Pick of the Month," on Goodreads's list of the 200 "Most Popular Books Published in 2017,” a Suspense Magazine Best Indie, and was on Book Town's Summer (and) Fall Reading Lists. She also writes under Allison Brook.  She is co-founder and past president of the Long Island chapter of Sisters in Crime. She resides in New York with her family.

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The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries by M.K. Graff Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural, Amateur Sleuth


 Nurse Trudy Genova mixes her movie studio consulting work with her nose for murder!  

Death in the Orchard

The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries Book 3

by M.K. Graff

Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural, Amateur Sleuth

The third Trudy Genova mystery from award-winning author M. K. Graff brings Trudy home, leaving her New York City studio consulting job to visit her rural hometown of Schoharie, three hours north. NYPD detective Ned O'Malley accompanies Trudy, primed to meet her family, but with a secret mission to find out what really happened when her father died eleven years ago.

Mario Genova's death was deemed a tragic accident, but Trudy feels there was more to her beloved father acting out of character the day before he died. After years of hard work building a successful apple orchard business with her mother, Mario cleaned out their bank accounts. No reason-and no money-was ever found. As Trudy and Ned try to investigate without informing her family of their actions, a new death occurs on Genova Orchards property, and once again Trudy's family is under scrutiny.

"A welcome and forceful return of MK Graff's Trudy Genova, Death in the Orchard is a well- crafted and thought-provoking story of unexplained death and cold-blooded murder, as Trudy sets out to solve the death of her father with her NYPD boyfriend Ned O'Malley. The couple return to the Genova family orchards to dig into the past as the present threatens to shake the family to their very core.

Graff deals us a cold case of family intrigue, a small-town conspiracy, and a terrifying leap into the unknown, as her heroine comes face to face with a secret she thought would never be told, a case impossible to solve, and a dogged determination to finally get to the truth.

A masterclass in laying the threads bare and knitting them together in a satisfying conclusion."

Mandy Morton, Author of The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency series

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Death at the Dakota

The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries 2

 Nurse Trudy Genova is making plans to take her relationship with NYPD detective Ned O'Malley to the next level when she lands a gig as medical consultant on a film shoot at the famed Dakota apartment building in Manhattan, which John Lennon once called home. Then star Monica Kiley goes missing, a cast member turns up dead, and it appears Trudy might be next. Meanwhile Ned tackles a mysterious murder case in which the victim is burned beyond recognition. When his investigations lead him back to the Dakota, Trudy finds herself wondering: how can she fall in love if she can't even survive?

Readers of Death Unscripted, the first book in the Trudy Genova Manhattan Mystery series, will find the same pleasures in this sequel: fast pacing, engaging characters, twists and turns on the way to a satisfying close. Once again M.K. Graff reveals her talents in crafting this delightful mix of amateur sleuth and police procedural.

Part procedural, part cozy, Death at the Dakota is a well-crafted and highly entertaining mystery.- Bruce Robert Coffin, #1 bestselling author of the Detective Byron mysteries.

I fell in love -- not only with co-protagonists, Trudy and Ned, the richly detailed and historic setting of The Dakota, and the unique cast of characters, but with the unusual plot of Death at the Dakota. Sherry Harris, Agatha Award nominated author of the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mysteries

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Death Unscripted

The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries Book 1

 Trudy Genova has the best job any nurse could want, working on set as a medical consultant for a NY movie studio. No more uniforms, bedpans or emergencies, until at the actor whose overtures she's refused dies suddenly while taping a hospital scene--but not before pointing his finger accusingly at Trudy. When detectives view Trudy as a suspect, she sets out on an investigation to clear her name. Then a second death occurs, and Trudy realizes she's put herself in jeopardy.

A new mystery from the award-winning author of the Nora Tierney English Mystery Series, DEATH UNSCRIPTED is based on the authors' real work experience during her nursing career and is the mystery series British Queen of Crime P. D. James insisted she write. A mix of amateur sleuth and police procedural, the story is told in first person from Trudy's point of view, and in third from NYPD Detective Ned O'Malley

Marilyn Chris, Obie and Drama Desk Award-winning actor who played Wanda Wolek on ABC's soap "One Life to Live" notes: "Graff gets behind the scenes of soaps just right, as well she should--she was there!"

Edith Maxell, national bestselling author of multiple mystery series says: "Your blood pressure will soar during M. K. Graff's new Manhattan Mystery, as nurse Trudy Genova takes the pulse of a killer during a soap opera filming in Death Unscripted. You won't even think about changing the channel during this smart, suspenseful mystery."

And Triss Stein, author of the Erica Donato Mysteries, has this to say: "Soap opera drama is as intense on the set as it is on the screen. Sometimes Trudy Genova, consulting nurse, feels like the only sane person in the room. Join her as she copes with huge ego, daily melodrama, an attractive detective, and life in New York . . . plus murder. The city and the studio provide intriguing backgrounds for this entertaining mystery."

Helen Smith, UK author of the The Emily Castle Mysteries, agrees that Death Unscripted is "an engaging story featuring a charming amateur sleuth. A great start to a mystery series."

Amazon * BridlePathPress * Bookbub * Goodreads

 Marni Graff is the award-winning author of The Nora Tierney English Mysteries and The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries. Her stories are in several anthologies, including the Anthony Award-winning Malice Domestic’s Murder Most Edible. She is Managing Editor of Bridle Path Press, a crime book reviewer, and blogs for Miss Demeanors. Graff is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mavens of Mayhem SinC, Triangle SinC, Mystery People UK, and the International Association of Crime Writers. She lives in eastern NC with her husband and two Aussiedoodles.

Website * Facebook * X * Instagram * Bookbub * Goodreads

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The Ocean Hugs Hard by ERIC AVEDISSIAN



Date Published: 06-24-2024

Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing


Surfside City, New Jersey. 1966. Cub reporter Harman Bass is cutting his teeth in the fast world of local journalism and getting out-scooped by the competition. Facetious, cocky, and always quoting Nietzsche, Harman isn’t making any friends both in and out of the newsroom.

All that changes when the daughter of a prominent family is found dead on the beach, handing Harman the juiciest news story of the year. But she wasn’t any old beauty pageant queen; she was his high school girlfriend. Harman’s dogged reporting into the young woman’s death reveals pushback from the authorities and pulls the newshound into the resort’s darkest corners.

After one of his sources is murdered, the routine story becomes dangerous and personal. Something watches Harman from the shadows, something ancient and hungry, worshipped by powerful men who kill to keep their secrets. Harman’s job and life are soon threatened, and the once brash reporter must battle his boss, rival journalists, and his own sanity before filing what could be his last story.

THE OCEAN HUGS HARD is a mystery with the salty whiff of the ocean, a tinge of nostalgia, and a dollop of mind-shattering eldritch horror.

About the Author

ERIC AVEDISSIAN is an adjunct professor and speculative fiction author. His published work includes the novels Accursed Son, Mr. Penny-Farthing, Midnight at Bat Hollow, and the role-playing game Ravaged Earth. His short stories appear in various anthologies, including Across the Universe, Great Wars, and Rituals & Grimoires. Avedissian received a 2024 Fellowship in Prose from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and a ridiculous number of books. Find him online at if you dare.


Contact Links


Twitter: @angryreporter

Instagram: @ericavedissian

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In This Moment Heart of Vallantine Book 1 by Kelly Moran Genre: Small Town Romantic Comedy


 With the gossip mill a-buzzin,’ how is she supposed to keep her cool amid all 

the southern Georgia heat?

In This Moment

Heart of Vallantine Book 1

by Kelly Moran

Genre: Small Town Romantic Comedy

Southern drawls & y'alls. Come fall in love in the Heart of Vallantine!

It’s been ten years since Rebecca Moore left idyllic small town Vallantine for the big city and even bigger dreams of becoming an award-winning journalist. Her career a puff of smoke in her wake, she returns home for her grandmother’s funeral, grieving and with her life at a standstill. But her two childhood besties have a plan to restore the historic library to its former glory and convert part of it into a bookstore. It seems like so long ago residents had named their trio the “Bookish Belles,” yet nothing cures troubles like good friends and a purpose. The problem is, she needs a job until the renovations are complete, and just her luck, the new editor of the local newspaper is a Yankee. He’s also sullen, sanctimonious, and sexy. And with the gossip mill a-buzzin,’ how is she supposed to keep her cool amid all the southern Georgia heat?

Graham Roberts hasn’t exactly acclimated to the south. Yet, he moved for a purpose, and there’s no reason why he can’t help an old friend with a favor by hiring someone who is more than qualified. They could work side-by-side without complications. Right? Wrong. Bless her heart, Rebecca is the feistiest female on two legs with an innate ability to crawl under his skin faster than a hot knife through butter. Not to mention, she’s gorgeous as all get-out. Beneath her sass, though, is a girl who’s striving for acceptance and love. He’s just not certain he’s the right man. Plus, she’s given no promises to stick around. Worse, he’s starting to think falling for her may not even be a conscious choice. The heart wants what the heart wants. And between all of Vallantine gunning for their ever-after and Rebecca’s alluring charm sucking him in—again…and again—what chance does a guy stand?

Fans of Sweet Magnolias by Sherryl Woods and Virgin River by Robyn Carr will enjoy Heart of Vallantine.

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Bookbub * Goodreads

 Kelly Moran is an international bestselling author of enchanting ever-afters. She gets her ideas from everyone and everything around her and there's always a book playing out in her head. No one who knows her bats an eyelash when she talks to herself.

She is a RITA® Finalist, RONE Award-Winner, Catherine Award-Winner, Reader's Choice Finalist, Holt Medallion Finalist, Book Excellence Award Finalist, Amor Book Award-Winner, and landed on the "Must Read" & "10 Best Reads" lists in USA Today's Lifestyle section. She is a former Romance Writers of America® member, where she was an Award of Excellence Finalist. Her books have foreign translation rights in Germany (where she is a Spiegel Bestseller), France, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, and the Netherlands. She also writes horror as Kelly Covic. In 2024, she founded her own publishing company for fiction called Rowan Prose Publishing.

Her interests include: scary movies, all kinds of art, driving others insane, and sleeping when she can. She is a closet coffee junkie and chocoholic. Tell no one. She's originally from Wisconsin, but she resides in South Carolina with her significant other, her three sons, their wily dogs, a bearded dragon, tree frogs, and their sassy cats. She loves hearing from her readers.

Website * Facebook * X * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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The Gate The Immortal Coil Saga Book 1 by Brandi Schonberg Genre: Epic Fantasy



We all want to live forever... until we don't. 

The Gate

The Immortal Coil Saga Book 1

by Brandi Schonberg

Genre: Epic Fantasy 

Amarynn, a legendary warrior who hates everything she's become, desperately wants her existence to end. But there's one problem with that. She's immortal.

She's also made a terrible mistake having given away the secrets of her immorality to Venalise Korr, a powerful mage capable of twisting that magic into something monstrous. Now Venalise has kidnapped Regealth, Amarynn's creator, and stolen the magical stone called The Gate – the key to everything immortal. Determined to right her wrongs, Amarynn enters into an uneasy partnership with the king's son.

Together, Amarynn and Jael risk everything to rescue both the mage and the stone. If their rescue fails, Venalise will have the power to create a league of immortal warriors just like Amarynn. With that power secured, the wars between kingdoms will never end. And if the wars continue, Amarynn loses the ending she seeks. Though now that she's gotten close to Prince Jael, she doesn't know if that's a bad thing after all.

Order a Signed Paperback or Limited Book Box direct from the Author’s Site!

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Brandi Schonberg has always written stories, but this is the first one she has completed. The Gate is her debut novel and the first title in The Immortal Coil Saga. A native Texan, she works as a middle school science instructional coach in San Antonio, Texas and has three grown children, a loving partner, and two exceptionally unusual cats.

Website * Facebook * X * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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