Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Dragonasaurus Tales by Josephine Young

Baffin's Desire for Fire

 Young Baffin wants to breathe fire, he is a Dragonasaurus after all! But the most he can muster is a small puff of smoke.
Determined to find a solution to his fiery problem Baffin sets out for the remote Fire Mountain in search of the legendary Fire Bird.
There are dangers to overcome and friends to be made on Baffin’s adventure. But will he find his fiery breath and will he avoid the hideous Grong?!

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Josephine Young is a children's author and the proud creator of The Dragonasaurus Tales series. She was born in the beautiful market town of Hexham in the North East of England long enough ago that we don't need to mention it! Oh well, why not... 1972.
Her now grown up son was the original recipient of Josephine's tall tales and it was at his urging that she decided to quit her successful career in account management and turn her passion into her career. In more recent years her two young nephews do the honour of providing their unflinchingly honest opinions on all her latest ideas.
Josephine currently lives in the beautiful Peak District in the UK where she roams the countryside, climbs up rocks, drinks huge quantities of coffee and of course, makes up stories.

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