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Gemini Rising Book I  Ethereal Fury

Chapter 1
Dead Men Can Walk
The wound was deep and it hurt. Collin Ray closed his eyes tight then inhaled quickly. Lying on the ground and gazing up at the stars did not make the knowledge of his impending death any easier.
He always thought he would die of disease, or a plague, something that would further enhance the efforts of medical research, but this? What a waste of the country’s money. He raised his head to glance down at the dagger protruding from the center of his chest. It swayed with each breath and shuddered with each twitch. He took note of the brilliant onyx stone set on three sides of the hilt; the hilt was cross shaped and in the center, instead of the same black stone, there was a diamond shaped pearl. Funny, the things you notice on the brink of death.
He had a fleeting desire to pull the dagger out, to fight the inevitable. With what bravery he could muster, he wrapped both his hands around the handle and started to pull. A sick sucking sound emitted from his solar plexus and he felt something within tear and start to gush.
“Oh no,” he said out loud. It occurred to him that he might have just dealt himself the final blow. Weakness began to settle in. His limbs became very heavy. He tried to move the blade back to its original position, but his arms would not obey.  His hands clenched and unclenched in a desperate rhythm.
Why was this happening to him? He had simply followed a path through the churchyard, a little short cut on his way home from evening mass. 
His fiancée, Olivia, had been desperate to get him out of the house
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