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This book did not reach you by chance. You have asked for it. Your soul has asked for it and it is for that reason that you are now holding it in your hands. Whatever your position on spirituality, whatever your religious, spiritual or scientific beliefs, the only thing you need in order to understand this book is to have an open mind to receive the information included here, since this message is directed to your spirit, to your soul rather than to your mental understanding. This book crosses that invisible line into what science just can’t explain. This is a channeled book and on its pages you will find a summary of questions and answers regarding The Essence, the Universe, Wisdom, Total Conscience, and The Essence of All. The information has been offered by these wise Masters, channeled through Graciela, who has allowed this voice to speak through her.

About the Author

Graciela is a motivational speaker and she translates the teachings of The Essence. An interpreter and translator by trade, Graciela offers workshops and personal sessions with The Essence. For more information about Graciela and The Essence, visit her website at
Graciela lives in Houston, Texas, and this is her first book


This is a 3-week journal inspired by directions given to Geri by Graciela and The Essence. It documents Geri's process from feeling blah to feeling beautiful. It shows you you step by step how you can feel good. Be happy now, is it's message. This book gives you the map to that destination! In the first day you will feel better. After only three weeks, you will have the tools you need to be and stay happy.

Graciela Zozaya is a motivational speaker. She is the channel for The Essence of All (or T E; as she lovingly calls this energy). She spreads the message of their teachings both in English and in Spanish. An interpreter and a translator by trade, Graciela offers public workshops and personal sessions with The Essence. Graciela lives in Houston, Texas.
Geri Hearne lives in Chicago with her husband and two teenage sons. She has been a TV News Producer and News Writer for almost thirty years. A spiritual experience in her late 40 s opened her up to new ways of looking at familiar things. When she began her career, a search for truth led her to Journalism. She received her Masters of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri. Later, the search for a larger Truth opened her up to guidance from Spirit. Today, she teams up with Spirit on the Here is Heaven monthly message. She also is co-creator of the ebook 40 Days and 40 Nights with Spirit; What All-That-Is wants All of Us to Know.

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