Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Frightful Recipe and Sheets and Ladders by Notti Thistledore

Notti ThistledoreImage of Notti Thistledore writes very silly books for young readers. She lives in a rickety old house that may or may not be haunted (she hopes so, because that might increase its value) and which is full of dusty old books and cats and probably termites.

She is the author of The Chatswood Spooks series. If you've enjoyed reading about the Chatswood Spooks, you can sign up for updates at Feel free to leave a review on the relevant Amazon page, too!

The Chatswood spooks are in trouble. Spookiness levels at the Chatswood Manor are at an all-time low, and their boss is not impressed. The spooks need to improve their scare tactics or find another house to haunt. But the spooks have no intention of moving on: they still have plenty of unfinished business to attend to. Rallying together, they haunt the hallowed hallways of Chatswood Manor like never before. The spooks, however, get the fright of their afterlives when Ivan the Fearless shows up... The Chatswood Spooks: A Frightful Recipe is the first in the Chatswood Spooks series. Each story is illustrated with detailed line drawings and is bursting with silliness. Visit to sign up for updates!

Excitement reigns when the famous Halliday ghosts arrive at Chatswood Manor. After all, what better chance for the Chatswood Spooks to learn some new haunting skills? But star-struck as they are, the spooks can't help but wonder whether the Hallidays are all that they seem... The Hallidays' Maladies is the third in the Chatswood Spooks series.
With his sheets, chains and pet spider, Jingo likes to look the part of the classic ghost. But then someone puts their red knickers in with Jingo's favourite white haunting sheets. Feeling hurt and unloved, he decides to run away to join the local Carnival. But what Jingo has in spooking skills he lacks in street smarts, and he soon finds himself in trouble... Sheets and Ladders is the second book in the Chatswood Spooks series.

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