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Book Blurb:

This fictionalized story of the true-life genius NIKOLA TESLA—arguably the most influential inventor in history—offers a "young-to-old" portrayal in the form of “A Romance of the Mind.” It reveals his impassioned inner life and his secret love for Karina, the muse no one else can see who brings him life-altering inspirations.
Karina may be invisible to others but she is exquisitely real to him. It is for her, for the life and the work that she shares with him, that this gallant, passionate man maintains a loner's life even when he is working among many others and subject to their constant temptations.
“It is a monumental task, this getting into the mind of a man as complex and extraordinary as Tesla. Anthony Flacco is up to the task. In the Matter of Nikola Tesla: A Romance of the Mind reads at times like a psychological exploration worthy of Dostoyevsky, at other times like one of John le Carre’s espionage novels, and even sometimes like Joseph Campbell’s mythical 'hero’s journey.'”

—NY Journal of Book Reviews

"Anthony Flacco’s In the Matter of Nikola Tesla is really fascinating—especially for me as I’ve been very interested in Nikola Tesla for many years. I believe Tesla was one of the most special characters of last century. I hope that this book will soon become a film!"

Mario Spezi, NY Times Bestselling Author, The Monster of Florence

Anthony FlaccoAbout the Author:

Anthony Flacco is an author of five nonfiction books and three historical novels, all released by major publishers.
He holds an MFA in screenwriting from the American Film Institute. He was selected for the Walt Disney Studios Screenwriting Fellowship, and spent a year writing for the Touchstone Picture division.
His first nonfiction, A Checklist for Murder, was acquired in auction by Dell Books and turned in solid sales. Anthony adapted his book as a two-hour television movie script and sold it to NBC Studios for a movie of the week. He completed his nonfiction book Tiny Dancer for St. Martin’s Press, and the advance copy was selected by Reader’s Digest as their Editor’s Choice for August, 2005. His other books are The Last Nightingale, The Hidden Man, The Road Out of Hell, Impossible Odds and Publish Your Nonfiction Book.

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