Saturday, May 18, 2013

Meet Dustin Baker

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Dustin Baker

Baker is currently 24 years-old, his birthday is August 9th and has a six-week-old son named Chandler Nicholas Baker. Baker is in a lifelong relationship with my better half, Amber. They have recently moved into their first family home in Connersville, In. It's you basic small town where everyone knows everything (or at least think they do) about everybody. Being a full-time writer and father, this doesn't bother Baker to much. "I spend almost all my time either playing with Chandler or in my office".
Baker has been writing for just over twelve years total. He has been writing professionally for around five years. He is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University to obtain a higherdegree in Creative Writing. His plans are to get his Master's Degree. Baker is a Freelance Writer on as well. His envolvement there is recent and a solid reputation has not been formed yet. His screen name is dbakerwriter. A link to my page along with my published work on is available on my contact page.
Baker enjoys book writing and short stories the best. It doesn't make a difference if it's fiction or non-fiction writing. He has done a lot of Paranormal Writing throughout his entire career and considers himself a "Paranormal Writer" above all other writing genres. He has always been into ghost, vampires and creepy things since he was a kid. Baker's favorite holiday is even Halloween. His writing is on various subjects though so if the paranormal isn't down your alley, please don't let this scare you away!
In Baker's spare time he enjoy spending time with my son and family, being outdoors and fishing. He claims, "I would choose a cabin in the woods over an apartment in the city any day!"

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