Friday, May 17, 2013

Pearl Lagoon A Novel by Eric Burnett Timar

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On the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua in 1926, U.S. expatriates manage fruit plantations, timber companies, and gold mines. When a stunning local woman named Dorette Fox entangles herself with two Americans, the desultory love triangle combined with an escalating civil war results in murder. Cordell Fletcher, a young U.S. consular officer sent north from Bluefields to investigate the death, finds that the shooting is not over.


About the author
Eric Timar has lived in Cleveland, Nicaragua, and Honduras. He currently resides in Virginia with his family. He has swum in Lakes Erie, Ouachita, Baikal, Xiloa, and Balaton.

Image of Eric Burnett Timar
A banana republic, a perpetual civil war, two murders in a sleepy fishing village and a tall, stunning, blond obeah woman, this is backdrop for a story that might have come from Grahame Greene. In the prohibition era an ambitious young vice-consul investigates the murder of an American in a remote part of Nicaragua. The exotic setting is the appeal of this story and Eric Timar has done a fine job of conveying the ambiance. The character development and the dialect is first rate. Pearl Lagoon will appeal to historical fictions fans and those fond of adventure travel as well anyone who loves a murder mystery READ MORE

Image of Eric Burnett Timar

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