Friday, June 7, 2013


The I.T. Girl
by Fiona Pearse

Orla Hanlon is new to London and CouperDaye, a global investment bank. When she takes on a high-profile project and buys her first home, with love on the side, she thinks she has everything under control, as usual...

Until a bug in her code causes chaos on the trading floor.

Suddenly finding herself an easy scapegoat in a political game, Orla must fight to save her career, love and her new life in London.

How far would you go to clear your name?

Hi Fiona. Congratulations on the book. Tell us more about The I.T. Girl and how you came to be a writer?

I grew up in Dublin and a computer course in school settled the looming question of what career I wanted. After working in the industry for a few years I left Ireland with itchy feed. First for The Netherlands and then on to London, which is home for now, working in financial I.T.

I took an opportunity to work a 4 day week while in The Netherlands and did a writing course just as a new hobby. To my surprise I loved it but writing was just a visiting hobby, involving the occasional burst of prose... Some company moves and crazy experiences later, I began to realize I was sitting on material for a unique story, and that's when I caught the writing bug.

It took 3 years of weekend writing to complete The I.T. Girl; which became a modern tale about making a new life in London, juggling a demanding job, love and DIY. After many submission and re-edits it finally found a home with Endeavour Press in March 2013.

Along the way, I have developed a love of writing poems, some of which are published, and a blogging habit. I am currently working on my second novel and would love to published a book of poems some day.

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  1. Loved The I.T. Girl and so excited to hear that a second novel is upcoming.