Thursday, July 11, 2013


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Hello, my name is Divon Delgado. I am proud to announce the release of my new book,
Survival And Redemption!
Here's what the book is about: I was three years old when I first met my abuser. Mental, physical and sexual abuse was my everyday HELL that I was now living. I was raped, beaten, and strangled with a phone cord. After my mother was told about my abuse, she abandoned me. The devil bought her a house, car and gave her money to get rid of me. My mother started revenge plots against me. I once wanted my abuser dead for all he did to me but God helped me to forgive him with all my heart. Picking up the pieces, I saw the light and this made me stronger to fight for others that don't have a voice. No one fought for me as a child because of that I am the "voice of the children." Abuse is all around us. Help me fight this battle for all children to stop these secrets and lies!

I am a talent to the industry as a published author with many diverse books under my belt including an authorized biography of two time Grammy award winner, Ruben Ramos. I am also a songwriter for three different artists and enjoy giving time back to the community by volunteering through C.A.S.A., a national agency, as an advocate and voice for children world- wide. I am in my first animated motion picture, Shaman And The Cherokee Adventures, set for release in 2013. I do the voice-over roles for three characters: Lucky (a friendly ghost), King of the Reptilians (an evil ruler), and Shepherd (a young dancer).

Thank you for your time. Visit website  for additional information and projects with Divon Delgado.

Survival and Redemption ebook

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