Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Children's Booksby MARY ANN VITALE

Mary Ann VitaleMary Ann Vitale is an author of children’s books. She is a wife and a mother to three grown children. She loves spending quality time with her six grandchildren, teaching them the many wonderful things she learned from her heritage. Mary Ann never dreamed of writing children’s books. The language barrier was a challenge to her writing career. She was born in Sicily. As a child, she always loved reading books, even though they were not easily accessible. She made USA her home. She attended Cosmetology School and college. At the age of fifty, she wrote her first story for children. Urged by constant inspiration, she wrote many other stories and poems. One morning, she woke up with the realization ‘a writer was born!’ Mary Ann has always kept in close contact with her inner child. This is no easy task as she does this in a variety of languages. She taps in her Italian Folklore to entertain and cultivate children and the child in all of us. Mary Ann wants to spread the joy of her books to many children of different nationalities. Her books will be available in different languages: English, Italian, French, and Spanish. ‘The Water Lily Fairy’ is her first published book for children. At the request of many children that loved this book, Mary Ann started ‘The Water Lily Fairy’ series. ‘The Water Lily Fairy at the Ice Cream Palace’ is her second book.  Recently, ‘La Fata delle Ninfee,’ the first Italian book of ‘The Water Lily Fairy’ series was published. Soon, ‘La Fata delle Ninfee al Castello del Gelato,’ the second Italian book of ‘The Water Lily Fairy’ series will be available. Mary Ann reflects her personality in the humorous books of ‘The Water Lily Fairy’ series and in the variety of future books. She hopes her books will be treasured by children, and bring sunshine into their hearts. Her books are carried on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Author House and worldwide. Her poems address current issues in the USA, and have been published on the UAW Local 387 newspaper, in Michigan. Mary Ann loves her family, God, gardening, traveling, and art.

In 2011
The Fairy visits the city of Corleone and gives many surprises to the children and people living there.
Also available in Italian

2012 to present
Second book of The Water Lily Fairy series. The Fairy visits the town of Cinisi, also called "The Ice Cream Palace" and does many surprises to the people and children of this town.


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