Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AMANDA HOLDEN Children's Author and Illustrator

Amanda R. Holden Children's Author - Columbus, TXAmanda Holden

Children’s Book Author
Amanda R. Holden (Punzalan) was born January 13, 1989 on the island of Guam. She is the daughter of Frank Punzalan and Mary Diaz and is the youngest of six. In 2007, she graduated from George Washington High School and soon after married Ethan R. Holden in 2009. 
Amanda had a growing passion for writing since she was in the eighth grade and is currently pursuing her dream to publish her stories both old and new. To her, life seemed like a boring daily routine. She was working a full time job and just existing in this world, but she knew she wanted more than that. Realizing that there was more to life, Amanda began her journey on the road to becoming a published author. Though her first book was self published, her second book was picked up by Tiger Dynasty Publishing. 
There is nothing more exciting than knowing that you are able to accomplish your dreams and Amanda seems to be pursuing hers whole heartedly. Not only does she like to write for children, but she also loves to write music, draw, and play the guitar.
Now that Amanda is on the path to her dream as an author, she hopes to help those who are seeking the same thing. In her spare time, Amanda helps and supports other authors who want to publish their work. She does not mind assisting through email or meeting with others to help them get started. So if you are in need of advice, she is willing to help in any way she can.


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