Sunday, September 8, 2013

American Author KIM GOLDEN

Image of Kim Golden
Kim Golden was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1995, she left the US and moved to Sweden for love with a capital L.
When she isn't writing fiction, she writes copy about perfume for a Swedish cosmetics firm.
She writes stories for people who know that love comes in every color.


Three stories, three moments in Melanie Jamison's life. In Edinburgh For as long as Melanie can remember, she's been in love with John Cavannaugh, but their relationship's crashed and burned again. Now she's in Edinburgh with Damian but is she really over John? Until She Comes Melanie moved on with a Swedish actor but the relationship has fallen apart. She's still in love with John and now they're both wondering what it means. Do they both want another chance or are they on thin ice...? Lily Her precocious daughter is ready to start school, but is Melanie willing to send her to the school everyone else thinks will be best for Lily?


CHOOSE ME  Jessica and Chris had their first chance at love when they were studying in Edinburgh. Away from the US for the first time in their lives,
neither expects to bump into someone from their hometown, much less fall in love. But fate has a way of playing tricks with people. And the question is whether their love is strong enough to last even when they return to America, especially when race comes into play.

Susannah is haunted--by the magnitude of her the her husband's ghost.

A short story about a love that never dies.

A short story LINGER by KIM GOLDEN

And her latest coming soon  .....

Image Late October 2013.
 Meet Mia Wilkinson. Mia Wilkinson doesn't feel very thankful right now, despite it being Thanksgiving. She's just found out her married boyfriend has no intention of leaving his wife. She heads north to her deceased grandmother's house in a small town in Vermont. But her plans for a solitary Christmas don't go as planned—especially when a gorgeous South African photographer shows up on her doorstep. And then there's Jake Groenewald... Jake's come to Hunters Grove to get over losing his best friend and colleague to the atrocities of war. The last thing he expects is to have his life turned upside down by Mia and her Rules of Cohabitation. And falling in love is definitely not on his agenda. Will a little snow help them along the way?