Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lillian Summers has a book FREE on AMAZON KINDLE MARCH 1 2014

They call him MB1. The mindbender. Jason Asbury has the ability to turn people into his puppets with the power of his mind. He is NSA’s most treasured asset, until he escapes a top secret facility at age fourteen. Twelve years later, he has achieved everything a man could want, except for lasting love. But Jason’s past comes to haunt him, as a mystery man employs serial burglar Ally Brown to steal his personal diaries. The theft was an easy job for Ally, or it should have been. She now finds herself caught between the man she stole from and the one who hired her. But which one turns out to be the most dangerous to her?
Image of Lillian Summers
Lillian Summers has spent her life reading books, and only started writing in her early forties. She has published her first contemporary romance novel 'Follow the white pebbles' in August 2013.
Lillian lived most of her life in Sydney, Australia and has recently moved to Miami, Florida, to join her fiancé Mike. She is a master chef with some limitations, likes to embrace all that life has to offer, and is into travel to crazy places. Spends some considerable time at her desk typing away.
She has just released her second novel, 'Mindbender', a paranormal romance that will blow you away.