Sunday, April 6, 2014

A to Z CHALLENGE ~ Today F~ F isfor FIRE .... FRIEND & FOE

Fire can protect us or destroy us. Fire is our friend and foe. I love the fire in my stove, the romance of a candle light and the warm cozy feeling of a fireplace. When I hear the siren of a  fire truck I impulsively pray that all will be well. I feel such sad anguish and frustration with the images of frightful fires in the news.

Of the four elements Water, Wind Earth and Fire the latter is surely the one we often think of as a foe. As treacherous as floods, Landslides and wind storms can be FIRE has such a cruel combination of benefits and perils for the world at large.

The power to harness fire as pivotal to human development as the wheel, actually it was probably by a cozy fire with ample time in their hands that our ancestors invented the wheel.
For a historical account of man and fire visit is history of fire

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