Friday, April 25, 2014

A to Z challenge "V" is for Viceroy

Validating Victories and Viceroy. As a child my grandmother often expressed with great pride that we were direct descendants of the great Francisco Ignacio Elizondo Villarreal, Unfortunately when I arrived to the  fifth grade and found his name in the history books, Victorious and validating pride was far from what the teacher taught us. Another discrepancy is that he does not seem to have quite made it to VICEROY as grandmother claimed.
Elizondo captures insurgents at Bajan 1910 postcard.png
Col. Ignacio Elizondo [center horseman] captures Hidalgo, Allende and other insurgent leaders at the Wells of Bajan on 21 March 1811
A familial rite of passage was to be told that he was no traitor... that he was a Spaniard working for Spain... Here is what Wikipedia has to say ....(Salinas Valley, New Kingdom of León, New Spain, March 9, 1766 - San Marcos, Texas, New Spain, September 2, 1813), was a New Leonese royalist general, mostly known for his victorious plot to seek to capture important insurgency precursors of the Mexican War of Independence such as Miguel Hidalgo, Ignacio Allende, and Juan Aldama in Baján, Coahuila in 1811. Elizondo was born in the village of Salinas (now Salinas Victoria, Nuevo León). He was son of José Marcos de Elizondo and María Josefa de Villarreal. He was of Spanish and Basque ancestry.
So V is for VICEROY ; governor representing sovereign in colony: a governor who represents a sovereign in a province, colony, or country. Something my ancestor never was.
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