Saturday, June 7, 2014


Two physicists, Kerry and Leon, are working in the underground laboratory of the ALICE complex of CERN in Switzerland when part of a routine experiment goes horribly wrong. Unbeknown to them, the experiment has inadvertently opened up a black hole that has not only affected our Earth, but every conceivable alternative reality. It is not until they go up to ‘ground level’ that they see the full extent of the devastation that has occurred.
Minstor, Nyre, and thousands of others from alternate realities find themselves stranded in our world. Several of these Alternates form an alliance to help the scientists combat the problems caused by the disaster and to try and find a way home.
With the arrival of the UN peacekeepers under Major Horst, the small group of scientists and Alternates are torn between keeping the true nature of the disaster from the outside world, as well as the UN peacekeepers.
Meanwhile a ghostly rogue Alternate with significant mental abilities plans to escape through the Alps to create the life that he wants without realising the devastation it will cause.
With the help of a UN ambassador, the small group of seemingly normal Alternates and Scientists evade the watchful eye of Major Horst, the media, and the rest of the civilisation. Not knowing of where to turn, or who to trust, they try and keep our world from finding out what really happened whilst pursuing and ultimately stopping the rogue Alternate from hurting himself, and the destruction of Earth as we know it.
Both a team of soldiers under the command of Major Horst and the Alternates find themselves in Turin for a final and dramatic showdown.

Hello Christopher Thanks for answering my questions and best wishes for the greatest success.


·         What is your book about?
  THE ALTERNATES  is about how some scientist who work in CERN Switzerland, they are researching the Higgs particle when a system error creates a worm/black hole. This causes our reality to clash with all the other realities that might exist. Without giving away the spoilers, some of these people seem to be more than just the average Joe. Needless to say this creates conflict, both internally and externally. Don’t worry I have left the book with TWO huge questions that need to be answered in the sequel!  

·         What inspired you to write this particular story?
I like the thoughts of how people might react in our civilization if such a disaster should occur, would humanity actually work with or again other ‘humans’ to create or destroy what we currently have.

·         Do you have specific techniques you use to develop the plot and stay on track?
I have three ways of working, one: to write particular character stories in chapter form. Two: go with what I feel is right, if I don’t believe it then how on earth can the reader get into it. Three: re-work, re-work and rework the story until it comes together in a cohesive manner.

·         Are your characters in the book based on anyone you know?
To be honest yes!!! I like the characteristics of some of my friends and family, these help me build up a more believable character. If you can’t see how a person thinks your not going to be able to believe in a character, the when’s why’s and how’s a person does something is what makes them who they are. If you can’t believe in that then you will lose your audience.  

·         What authors inspire or influence your work?
Tolkien and Dan Brown! The ability to create an entire world out of your mind is just inspiring. Dan Brown has this ability to draw people into the places which is what prompted me to add so much detail into the places involved in my story.