Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SPENCER HAWKE On the Spotlight



Spencer Hawke - spy thriller authorAbout Spencer Hawke

Spencer Hawke was born in England and educated in the United Kingdom and set off as a young boy seeking adventure abroad. At the age of 21, he and a friend left for Africa and crossed the continent North to South through the Sahara, sometimes on foot when their old Land Rover did not want to travel as far as they did.
Eight months later, having dodged many conflicts and machine-gun-toting patrols, the pair rolled into South Africa bound for Australia, determined to swim the coral of the Great Barrier Reef. But fate had a different plan for Spencer. In Johannesburg, he met a Brazilian girl who professed undying love for the young Brit. He changed his ticket and flew off to Rio de Janeiro in search of his love.
Once in Rio, she was nowhere to be found, and short on funds, he was forced to get a job. He went to work for General Motors in Sao Paulo. Eight years and two children later, he again had enough money to take off for what he thought would be his final destination.
Spencer landed in Oklahoma in the middle of the 1980's oil boom, and he and his children made a home for themselves in Oklahoma City.
Fate again intervened on a trip to Texas when he met the one true love of his life, wife Jenny. The poor misguided soul decided to take him on and has been his inspiration for the last 20 years. Together they are raising another gift from God, grandson Devon, who is already as avid adventurer as his grandfather.