Friday, September 5, 2014

ღ ☼ ~~~ Elevated ~~~ ღ ☼



J Collins, used tire distributor thinks he couldn’t have met Rachel Patterson, non-profit director of The Dreamcatcher’s Organization under a more embarrassing circumstance. If the first impression is everything, then he is sure she will be clutching her purse and crossing to the opposite side of the street at the sight of him. He soon learns his assumption is quite accurate when he repeatedly meets Rachel in the elevator of the building where they both reside. For Rachel, these untimely meetings are a constant reminder of why good men are in such short supply. That is until the elevator breaks leaving J and her stranded inside. J and Rachel soon agree these meetings of chance are better described as divine appointments. However, the people in their worlds disagree especially when J becomes an expendable casualty of an evil plan devised against The Dreamcatcher’s Organization. J and Rachel’s faith is tested nearly beyond measure to hold on to God and each other when the truth about J’s past is exposed and a past love of Rachel’s comes to Richmond, Virginia with an agenda of his own.

You can’t box this creative woman in categories because she designs her own. Virginia native, Catherine N. Crumber knew at a young age she would be a positive force in the realm of entertainment. Although the path was anything but straight, the lessons and experiences contribute to Catherine’s unique style as an author, business woman, playwright and producer for advancing the Gospel through entertainment. If you were to ask Catherine how it all began, she'd tell you about her childhood dream to be on television. Particularly, her dream to be a “Mousekateer” on Disney’s show, The Mickey Mouse Club. She never made it to Florida for an audition ( she wasn't aware she was watching re-runs) but that didn’t deter the desire planted within her. Catherine found other avenues to express her creative energy to include dancing, modeling and writing as she became older .
In 1999, Catherine arrived at work when she heard in her heart she will write a novel. Catherine laughed and said to herself “Yeah, right. Sure I am.” It wasn’t until 2007 the laughter turn to awe when she began to pen her first fiction novel. Catherine completed the first five chapters during a missions trip to Kenya and published her debut title “The Love of You, a Novel” in 2008 under her company, Pure Victory Entertainment, LLC. The novel was met with great reviews from radio talk show hosts, book reviewers, movie producers and readers across the United States. Catherine published several books since that time to include, cookbooks and non-fiction works. Catherine N. Crumber is driven to provide quality entertainment that enlightens, enhances and entertains people with her new venture “The Catherine Crumber Company”. One thing is for certain, she credits her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for “Pure Victory” in what ever she sets her mind to accomplish. She says, “God alone gives me the wisdom and favor to create categories all my own.”