Thursday, September 18, 2014

THE POETRY OF ~ Sushrut A.Badhe


I dreamed the dream of that wonderful place -
No one was alone and for everyone there was space.
With bread and butter for the weak and the strong,
Where young and old together sang the merry song.
Where everyone perfectly understood each other,
The language of the heart-spake every sister-brother.

Where all laws of the land were no longer needed -
Every individual’s needs were spontaneously heeded.
To every suffering and disease there was a cure-
The joy of life celebrated- no one had to endure.
Where the wise allowed simple mistakes to be made;
And young learners’ foundations were joyfully laid.

Where the religion of progress only was followed -
Prosperity was shared and depression not borrowed.
Both the rich and poor - respect had to be earned
In one’s loss, the other had nothing to be gained.
Armed battles on the outside were no longer fought;
To end the war within- great victories were sought

Man‘s might ensured a home for every living creature -
And his machines ran to overcome the vagaries of nature
The Lines of Hatred and division were forever lost
The judging of Good and Evil - just a thing of the past!
In such a place-where every one could succeed
Where the novice allowed the experienced to lead -
Joy and Sorrow both played their own part;
Shared together - no one ever stood apart .

All strove in harmony for the light to descend
Hand in hand - Everyone had begun to ascend.
Oh! Such a blissful place it was that I saw-
No where could I spot even a singular flaw.

But suddenly it ended when my eyes opened wide -

Caught In darkness and confusion I had nowhere to hide

In vain, I closed my eyes hoping to dream and again see,
Just another glimpse of the world that would someday be.
Of this dream I knew not what I should make,
“Was I asleep or was I then truly awake?”

From  "The Rhythm of the Spirit"

The rhythm of the spirit is a collection of select 34 poems on Man, Life and God. The author has arranged his work in 5 chapters symbolically depicting the evolution of the spiritual being in man. The Chapters are "Happiness", "Pain", "Darkness", "Light" and "Love". In the life of man - When happiness disappears, it causes pain which causes him to stumble into darkness. It is only in the void of darkness that the first light appears and when man embraces that Light, he understands Love.

This book is a collection of select 34 of my best rhymes .Come with me and let my poems take you through happiness, pain, darkness , light and then love.
Image of Sushrut A. BadheAfter graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Pondicherry, India in 2011, the author was very much impressed with the work of Sri.M.R.Damle, PhD Naturo Ayurvediya Therapy and Founder President Midam Charitable Trust.
Eventually he joined his factory KVM Research Labs- (, which is a cottage industry that has been manufacturing genuine Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Products since 1988 and exporting since 1990. Eventually he began living with Damleji and his wife Varshaji at their residence as the atmosphere there was most conducive for his progress and inner growth.
The author is the CEO at KVM Research Labs and is a researcher at Midam Charitable Trust which has successfully implemented a Vedic Chants Intervention Program for children with Autism Sprectrum Disorder (ASD).
Currently the author is working on an epic poem on the Bhagwath Gita. The author reveres Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Puducherry.