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22 AUTHORS Donating Their stories to get $$$$$$$$$$$$ for Cancer Research THE one reason that ღ 4covert2overt will be NAUGHTY FOR A GOOD CAUSE ღ T. HAMMOND for SHADES OF PINK ღ For one day only but of course post will remain ღ

T. Hammond is a friend and an author I love to follow. Her writing is of the fun SEXY kind so for one day only and for a GREAT CAUSE, 4covert2overt will be NAUGHTY FOR A DAY!

 She is one of  22 participating this year


Donate 4 a good cause and get your collection of short stories 

The Shades of Pink Anthology is an ebook that gathers 22 short stories and that we offer as a gift to any person who donates in any amount to our fundraiser for research against breast cancer. During the month of October, we'll be posting excerpts, interviews with the authors and characters and blog posts about why we wrote these stories.

T.  HAMMOND on cancer

My first experience with cancer was when my childhood playmate, Teresa ("That's Teresa without an 'H'," she stressed), was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. I remembered the scars (we called them zippers) all over her body from biopsy surgeries, and how tired she was. In her name, I began the habit of chopping off my hair every three years to donate to Locks of Love (yeah, my hair grows that quickly!).

There was a time, in early adulthood, when we lost track of each other, but happily, reconciled our friendship as adults and kept in irregular contact through occasional calls and email; mostly due to living three states apart. One day Teresa dropped me an email, mentioning she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. She's already had her breast removed, but I found her letter's tone upbeat, praising her children's accomplishments rather than focusing on the negative. Sadly, Teresa eventually succumbed to surgery complications after cancer recurred years later. Her passing has left a huge Teresa-shaped hole in my world. even though our contact had been infrequent and casual-- maybe it was a matter of knowing she was somewhere, which made it easy to stretch out the time between calls?

When I sat down to begin my writing career in late 2012, I needed a name for my heroine who was blind, yet courageous and pragmatic. Instantly, I thought of my friend. My character, while different in looks and personality, is modeled after Teresa with her generous smile and laughing eyes, quick mind and extensive vocabulary, and kind, yet dry wit which kept me rolling on the floor laughing when we'd talk on the phone.

Teresa gave so much to the people around her. I'm proud to have been her friend. In tribute, I'm happier to donate my time and talent to the Shades of Pink Anthology in hopes the money raised can help other women like my Teresa, battle this terrible disease.

Detective Gil Westfield is intelligent, protective, and ruggedly handsome. What’s a girl to do when the unattainable, older man of her dreams finally looks her way? If you’re Ash, you blush with shy pleasure and hope to hold his attention.


T. Hammond feels writing is not a calling so much as a compulsion. No one is more surprised than her when characters take over the plot and dialog, (re)directing stories in directions she had not (consciously) intended. Although she starts with a basic framework, she finds that one or two chapters into each novel, not only have characters shredded her outline into tiny unidentifiable pieces, they use the resulting confetti in a nose-thumbing parade. She is fully convinced the writer is merely the tool a story uses to tell its tale.

T. writes two concurrent versions of the Team Red series for both the Adult and New Adult
audiences. Blind Seduction, Color Blind, Blind Faith, Blind Rage, and Blind-sided are part of the Blind series - featuring adult-themed erotic romance combined with a humorous paranormal storyline. The Red series featuring Red Rover, Red Zone, and Seeing Red (coming soon) is a funny paranormal romance series with a lighter less explicit storyline. While both series contain the same character names and a lot of shared dialogue, the Red series is stripped of sexual content and contains modified innuendo and language.

T’s first Urban Fantasy, Posse: Legends, is scheduled for Spring 2015, and will be her first book outside the Team Red series.



Blind Seduction (Book 1):

Color Blind (Book 2):

Blind Faith (Book 3):


Red Rover (Book 1, of PG version):

Red Zone (Book 2, of PG version):

Seeing Red (Book 3, of PG Version):  (Coming soon)











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Twitter: @THammondwrites

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last year, the first Shades of Pink event raised over $10.000 through more than 1300 donations!
For our second year, 22 authors have allied for 1 cause: fundraising for research. Their gift to everyone who makes a donation? A romance anthology (ebook) titled Shades of Pink (volume 2), totaling almost 150.000 words / about 400 pages as a PDF.
The suggested donation is $5. All proceeds go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
For more information about the gift anthology and participating authors, please visit Kallysten’s blog.



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