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Christopher Antony Meade "The Zombie, The Cat and Barack Obama" ~Political satire and horror comedy

When the writer Christopher Anton visited his local cemetery, something followed him back home. The zombie Julian Faversham became his nauseating, (but musically talented), houseguest. But this is not just another zombie story. The writer’s imagination brings the reader on a surreal helter-skelter voyage that includes some very funny explanations for the origin and ancestry of Barack Obama, the truth about the Illuminati, what happened to the body of Adolf Hitler and how Osama bin Laden really died.

"The Zombie, the Cat, and Barack Obama” is a combination of political satire and horror comedy and should make a page-turning read for all those who enjoy a really good laugh.


Adolf Hitler, The Illuminati, Napoleon Bonaparte, Barack Obama, Noah in his Ark, and a whole host of other denizens of The Wikipedia Free Encyclopaedia. What do they all have in common?
Simple really. They are all some of the growing cast of characters who tremble at the mention of the name Christopher Antony Meade.
They have no secret that won't be revealed, whether true or false. You be the judge.
I don't believe in writing about safe subjects only.
If you want to find out the best way to make delicious carrot cake, you have got the wrong man. But if you would enjoy reading about how the President of The United States is one quarter cat because his grandmother had an intimate encounter with a shape shifting feline, you can only find it out from me.
Find out how Osama Bin Laden's fixation with uniformed schoolgirls eventually leads to his destruction.
How do The Cheshire Cat, Larry the Downing Street cat and Barack Obama come to share a story with Queen Elizabeth II? The answer can be found in my latest book, The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama.
If you want to find out a bit about me, here is the customary biographical snippet.
The first part of my life was lived in Ireland, where I spent a lot of time falling off barstools, and my existence since 1986 has been principally in The UK in London. Recently I moved to the delightful town of Gillingham in the county of Kent. Nowadays I only manage to fall of park benches, as the global recession has made bars too expensive, besides I like a smoke with my drinks, and the "Health Fascists" have outlawed smoking in bars.
I live with my cat, who is all the company I usually need. Her conversation is limited to purrs and meows. That suits me, as so many people only talk rubbish.
My politics could be described as a mixture of extreme conservatism, but leavened with a devotion to fairness, and with a particular devotion to "Gay Rights"
I find the politics and personalities of all republican forms of government to be anathema.
If I got a chance to slap someone in history, it would have to be Woodrow Wilson. He destroyed the Europe that I loved in 1918, and opened it to fascist dictators and communists.
So that is me, a curious and sometimes contradictory individual.
My main redeeming feature is a deep imagination, and a rather twisted sense of humour.
I hope you find all of that in my writings.
Should you like to sample my writing and find out more about the subjects that interest me you are welcome to read it here on HubPages.
Just recently I published my first ebook called "The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama". It has received some good reviews on Amazon. There are also some from other sources, which I will paste here. Most of them are complimentary.
Before you read the reviews, I would like to post this short article about the evolution of my book.
The evolution of a masterpiece, (or a complete turkey). Your judgement.
Every book evolves from an idea and my latest venture into publishing evolved from several ideas. In fact it actually grew out of a series of disconnected stories, published over several years on HubPages.
I have always been a conspiracy theory sceptic and have doubted the various claims, such as that the United States government bombed the World Trade Centre or that Prince Philip ordered the killing of Princess Diana. To me, all these allegations are just so much unsubstantiated rubbish. It's amusing to debate the issues, but totally silly to take them seriously. Consequently, when I started to regularly publish articles and stories, many of them were satirising some of the more ridiculous of the various conspiratorial assertions. Since there was a lot of interest in the character, the political acumen and the ancestry of Barack Obama, I included some stories that poked fun at the various theories surrounding the origins of that American president. A further collection of stories satirised the rumours that abound about Area 51 and the origins and continuing influence of the Illuminati.
My fascination with the macabre led me to write a series about a musically talented, but psychopathic, zombie.
At this stage all of these were separate stories, but I realised that they could be connected. To bring Barack Obama and the zombie together, needed but the addition of some connecting tales. That's where the Downing Street cat came in and the Buckingham Palace connection. Once I'd put them all together and edited them, so that were transformed into a coherent sequence, the book was almost ready to be published. It was still a little short however. Fortunately for me and my reading public, I had some more stories in reserve. These advanced alternative reasons for the global banking collapse and the menace of climate change, among other things.
I then had on my hands a very tidy little novella. By arrangement with an online publishing company, I succeeded in getting it launched as an e-book. It's been floating around Amazon and a host of other online retailers for a while now. I've been very fortunate to attract some excellent reviews, (some from other writers and more from satisfied customers).
If you are tempted to purchase my book, it is my sincere wish that you get as much pleasure from reading it as I did from writing it.
"I'm not really certain whether it is disrespectful or not to laugh at a book which mercilessly makes fun of some of the most well-known figures in the world of international politics. All I know for sure is that when I read "The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama", I just couldn't stop laughing. The author Christopher Antony Meade just seems to have a talent for making the most powerful people look totally ridiculous. Barack Obama is just one of the characters lampooned in this very clever and savagely ridiculing novella. Adolf Hitler, Osama bin laden, the Illuminati and the three little pigs all come in for a pasting. The world, as described by Mr Meade, is almost unreal in its absurdity but, like all great satire, the reader is left with the niggling suspicion that all of what he is reading may just well be true.
If you do nothing else for your entertainment this year, at least read this book. "The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama" will leave you chuckling for months".
Cecil Aubrey
"I won't bore you too much by going into too much detail about this really funny book called "The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama". It was written by the talented Irish political satirist Christopher Antony Meade and it is a spoof on conspiracy theories, most especially on those about the Illuminati, Area 51, and the rumours about the ancestry and origins of United States President Barack Obama.
The unbridled imagination of Meade brings the reader into a world, that is as surreal as it is funny. The book gets off to a flying start with a zombie story, (but not like any encountered before). The zombie is actually a very talented classical musician as well as a brain eating psychopath. The transformation of this undead monster into something different, but totally unexpected, moves the story into more elevated, but surreally funny realms.
Rather than spoil things by giving the rest of the story away, I will suggest simply that you avail yourself of the first opportunity to read this irreverently hilarious novella".
Rupert Redman.
"Any writer who has the nerve to lampoon powerful politicians and public figures the way Christopher Antony Meade does in his outrageously satirical book "The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama" deserves to have his work read much more widely. The savagely merciless way in which he makes fun of United States President Barack Obama makes this book one of the great classics of modern political satire.
The hapless Obama is not the only politician who is ridiculed in this very funny, but totally irreverent, novella. The former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is also the target of Meade's cutting ridicule and if late Director of the FBI J Edgar Hoover was still alive, he would probably be squirming with embarrassment.
I won't tell you too much more of what you can expect from reading this mad, but totally hilarious, new book. I will tell you however that, as the title suggests, there is a zombie and more than one cat as leading characters. The interaction of these disparate characters, with various very famous individuals, provides some of the greatest comedy moments in modern literature".
Arnold Letwyn
""The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama" must be one of the weirdest and corrupting books ever published. The author of this novella, Christopher Antony Meade, has a perverted imagination, unlike almost any other I have ever come across. The notion that our president Barack Obama is a hapless wuss, who starts screaming for help just because he is attacked by a brain eating zombie and goes into panic mode when the killing of Osama bin Laden doesn't go according to plan, is an insult to the integrity and capability of this great statesman.
The libellous assertion by that lie peddling, spawn of the devil Meade, that President Obama's maternal grandfather is a shape shifting alien, should not go unchallenged. Not even the dead patriots are left to rest in peace in this outrageous and corrupting e-book. The rumour that the late great director of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover, was addicted to cross-dressing is paraded in these pages for the whole world to laugh at. Many more great statesman are ridiculed here, including Henry Kissinger, who is said to have had an affair with a shape shifting Illuminati agent.
It is the opinion of this patriot, that all right minded people should download and read this book straightaway. Then when they are suitably brought to a condition of righteous indignation, they should petition the United States government to trace down this traitorous scumbag Christopher Antony Meade, to whatever stone he may be lurking under and have him transported without delay to Guantánamo Bay. While there he can sample the delights of water boarding as patriotic American agents try to find out what other embarrassing secrets about our innocent public servants he is hiding in his cesspit of a brain.
Some gullible idiots have actually written reviews stating that this book is a triumph of imaginative writing and Amazon have actually been so un-American, as to allow them to post them on a website where this piece of calumny can actually be bought".
Concerned citizen.
"By their fruits shall ye know them". These wise words give the best advice to anyone who wants to know me. My fruits are my writings. Make my acquaintance through my works.

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