Thursday, October 2, 2014

THE PEARL SPIDER by Wendell Cooper

College senior Karl Haus is living his worst nightmare ; He is drafted during the Vietnam War. Is there a way to escape the battlefields? To avoid combat in Southeast Asia Haus agrees to tackle a mission to secure a new poison for the CIA. From the forests of Mount Isarog to the Philippines uncharted islands Haus tracks the deadly Pearl Spider. His contact in the CIA, rogue agent Robert Green is just as mysterious and just as deadly as the spider he’s chasing, and what he doesn’t know about both of them might get Haus killed. Callie the beautiful widowed Filipina school teacher, Klingingpeale the German bio weapons expert , and Felipe the Aeta “spirit of the forest” join forces with Haus as he becomes the soldier he never wanted to be.


The Pearl Spider:: The Lieutenant K. Haus Files, Case I (Volume 1)

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In the author's own words
Image of Wendell Thomas CooperI have written technical articles as an agronomist for about thirty years, and for awhile I wrote for a major agricultural newspaper, The Southeast Farmpress. The Pearl Spider is my first attempt at commercial fiction. I wrote it over a three year period, mostly late at night after my twin girls had gone to sleep. The family was going through a difficult divorce that took years to resolve. The girls and I had moved into a large farm house and when walks down the dirt paths didn't help me sleep I turned to writing.
Image of Wendell Thomas Cooper  I haven't given up on traditional publishing, but I have put it on the back burner. I think an author has equal chances of publishing a bestseller through self publishing and through traditional publishing with an agent. For me, the lure of seeing my book in print so fast was something I couldn't resist. Self publishing let's you enjoy the small successes while you work on your next book. I have three more in this series and two other unrelated works in progress, and I have enjoyed the whole process. As a group , authors are  incredibly generous. It really speaks well of such a competitive  industry when so many people give so freely of their time.