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Journey to Jazzland   Gia Volterra de Saulnier 

Since MCV was kind enough to give me a great review for my book last time, I figured I would do an interview, but this time with the characters of the book “Journey to Jazzland”.  The characters in the book are all instrument names as I wanted to represent music and musical instruments.  The only “person” in the book is Mr. Conductor.    I’ll ask the questions as the author and let’s see how this goes. 
The characters of the book are:  Windy Flute, Spitz Trumpet, Ebony Piano, Reed Sax, Sly Guitar, Boomer Bass and Kitt Drums
Hi to all the gang of Jazzland!  How does it feel to be part of this interview?
Windy Flute (WF):  Oh boy, I’m so excited!  I knocked over my music stand again!
That’s okay, just pick it up again.
Spitz Trumpet (ST): Are we being recorded for this?  I don’t know if I’m ready!
Um, no, not recorded, just writing it down Spitz, you’re doing fine.
Reed Sax (RS):   I’m so jazzed to be here!
Ebony Piano (EP): I think I’m tuned up
Sly Guitar (SG): Hey man, I’m ready whenever you are.
Boomer Bass (BB): Slow and low, man, I’m ready to go
Kitt Drums: (KD): Yeah!  I got my sticks ready to roll!
What would you say to those reading this interview about how you all got involved in playing jazz?
EP:  I had been playing some jazz before I met Windy, but I met Spitz before that.  I’m just grateful to be playing on these keys again.  It makes me smile wide with my toothy smile.
RS: I like playing jazz as it’s fun and so free!  I started playing a song underneath the lamppost, and next thing you know, I met some new friends, and now I’m in Jazzland!
WF: To be honest, I didn’t start out playing jazz, I just learned about it as I was playing the wrong notes on the paper.  I didn’t mean to get Mr. Conductor mad at me.
ST: (Laughs at the memory), yeah, he did get really mad huh!  Boy was he mad!  I could see steam coming out of his ears.
EP: Come on, Spitz, that’s not nice to laugh at other’s expense.
ST: Oh alright, hey, I was the one that thought Jazzland existed in the first place!  But going over that bridge sure got me nervous, I was spitting like crazy!
BB: Yeah man, I love playing jazz, it is so cool to be playing with my cousin again!
SG: Boomer!  You are the main man, cuz!  I couldn’t do it without you!  You lay that groove down man!
So tell me what you want to say to hundreds of readers right now?  Want to say anything on your mind?
ST:  Did you say hundreds?  (Spitting like crazy) Oh man, I didn’t know we were reaching over hundreds of people!
Yeah, the book sold to over 100 people!  Can you all believe that!
SG: No way man!  That is awesome!  Hey Boomer, you dig?
BB: Yeah man, that is way cool!  I think I’m gonna strum up my low notes in a funk groove now.
RS: Yeah, I can dig that!  I heard kids now want to play instruments too or at least go practice the ones they do have at home!
That’s what I heard too.
WF:  That’s just amazing!  I can’t believe we have inspired kids and parents to learn more about jazz, it’s like they went on this Journey with us!
What do you all think of famous jazz musicians now reading this book and giving us amazing reviews?
ST: What!  You’re kidding right?
Nope, not kidding, David “Dawi” Williams – he gave the book a glowing 5 star review and he’s even played with some really FAMOUS jazz musicians!
RS: That is really cool!  I am just glad he liked it.
BB: What does he play?
Bass, he plays upright bass guitar.
BB: Cool man, is he any good?  
I think he must be, if he’s playing with some real famous musicians.
Okay gang, last question, what do you want to say to the parents reading this?
WF: I think parents will get a kick out of some of the jokes in the book and some grandparents will appreciate the older “Retro” art in the book as well.  I know the Marquis was awesome!
EP: Yeah, I think it’s important for parents to read to their kids, but I think that if kids learn more about music and jazz, then we have a chance to keep playing!
BB: I can dig that, I love to get kids playing and see their smiles on their faces
SG: Dude!  I so want kids to play guitar!  I can’t slide without them!
ST: It’s never too late to learn about jazz, I like playing jazz!
RS: It feels good that we can inspire kids to learn more about music, maybe we can even keep music in schools
KD: Yeah, I think it’s also great that girls or boys can play the instruments featured like us.  We need more girl drummers in the world!
Okay, thanks everyone!  Help keep jazz alive!  Read this book to the kids in your life that like music!

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