Sunday, December 7, 2014

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Much of the information would still have been classified in certain countries. How difficult did it become to gain access to what you needed and did you come across any startling revelations that surprised you?
When I began my serious search in 1993, even the British Airways archivists were incredibly careful and I was not allowed to photocopy anything. As the years passed and they got to know me they made it easier for me, and a good number of those I interacted with are no longer alive.
In Denmark one file I was allowed to only use at a police station and again, take notes but no copies. Ironically the most explosive and interesting files they were happy to let me copy at a cost, but never-the-less photocopy.
My complete lack of knowledge in most history, made it such that at times I discovered revelations I did not grasp. One good example is in regard to a history that affects the world very much to this day.
2009 Shlomo Sands book The Invention of the Jewish People explained how the tribes of the Jewish ancestors were not the descendants of Abraham, I was so surprised this was considered a grand and explosive statement as I found entries in the British Parliament from the 1930s by Anthony Crossley; the British MP who died on board the same aircraft as my grandfather the G-AESY explaining that as his pro-Arab Palestinian Territories argument, as well as a letter to him from Foreign Secretary RAB BUTLER acknowledging that his statements were verified.

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