Saturday, February 7, 2015

❇ One word to define a moment .....

1. Can you believe it is 2015? Did you make any great resolutions that you know you can keep?

I did set a few goals/resolutions and at this stage I like to be very fluid, if I stumble pick my self up and remember the set course. 2014 was full of many good moments, sprinkled with a dose of some health issues and teen drama, but it was overall a good year. I am very much looking forward to 2015, one such resolution is keeping more in touch with my friends, so be warned Toi, you will see much more of me! Another sadly is to watch my intake of caffeine....

2. What’s new on your blog?

I run three blogs in 2015 I have fun plans for all three.
On Tumblr @ The Bridge of Deaths I plan to interview more bloggers, I did that a few years ago, and although some bloggers are also authors I really enjoy that exchange.
I am welcoming more diverse guests @ Is History The Agreed Upon Lie? I am also not leaving the guests on for the full two weeks. The theme is still discrepancies in history, the guests are amazing, I have a fantastic one now about The Pilgrims.
I have agreed to host for many more on-line book tours and other promotions. I feel this is a great way to learn how to best promote myself, while helping other. I have connected with fantastic people this way. I really recommend hosting other authors.

3. Any books news?

YES, MANY BOOK NEWS ! I am working hard on a series, YES A SERIES, it is The Defining Ways series and the first book is now available on AMAZON . I will release the printed version of DEFINED by OTHERS soon.
The series book two is Climbing Up The Family Tree; Defined by Pedigree is going to be diverse, not all of the books will be considered contemporary nor will they have the same format (Surprises ahead) , they will all have the common thread of all that defines us; which is great because there is so much out there that shapes and molds us!

4. Future plans.

I am working hard on marketing strategies, both locally and in our great cyber world. As a part of that I have started using as many tools as I can find such as and Animoto with this as well as with my blogs I feel that it sharing and helping others is key to success, so I am making trailers and promo videos for my artists, poets  and author friends.
Enjoy my latest promotional and a bit about my new venture...Oh yes if you get a chance swing by AMAZON and FOLLOW ME Please?????
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A word, a single word defines a moment for Anne. She needs to find a new one when her spouse leaves her at the age of 47, coming out of the closet literally in a closet. She finds herself back in her hometown amongst her high school friends which she left behind in her past.

An inheritance from a friend leaves her with the means to meddle and spy on the lives of some of their mutual acquaintances. In an attempt to run from her reality Anne gets engrossed in a game of "fun" and "flirtation" with her friend and fellow sufferer Connie at her side. Anne however did not read all the files and what to her is fun games turns into a deadly reality. It is no longer a game.

Life, death and not even a defining word can stop the reality of manipulation.