Thursday, March 5, 2015

NEW * Children's Book ~ Freddie and Bibelle by Carol Ann Ashley Birtwell

"Freddie and Bibelle" is an enchanting and most unusual encounter between a gentlemanly Red Eyed Tree Frog named Freddie, and a Beautiful, Dazzling, Butterfly who calls herself Bibelle. Freddie the frog happens upon the distressed Bibelle who is struggling to keep her head above water and fighting for her life. Freddie gets very creative in his endearing endeavors to help her out of harms way. The two become inseparable friends until Bibelle's shennanigans frighten Freddie into thinking Bibelle may fly away forever.


Carol Ann Ashley Birtwell began her love of educating young children and their families,by being born into a wonder filled family of seven children. Music,Theatre and Dance became an integral part of her life. She has been a successful Kindermusik Educator now for over 20 years. Back in the day, Carol Ann Ashley, was one of the first successful Women Sales Reps for IBM in Worcester, Massachusetts and received her Bachelors Degree, with a double major in Theatre and Communications from the University of N. Colorado. Skiing in April in Tee Shirt and Shorts...Priceless! Another treasurable, life changing, experience was singing a concert for 100 blind children in Calcutta India. And,how lucky to experience the incredible acoustics inside the Taj Mahal for, there she was, bursting into song with "Amazing Grace!" Being the Head Teacher at a prestigious preschool in Northern California, while also teaching at the Gymboree Play and Music Center, earned Carol Ann Ashley the "International Teachers Excellance Award." The frog and the butterfly are "stamps" Carol Ann Ashley has been putting on the kids hands and feet after every class she teaches for the Dancing Toddlers. They come scampering over and can't wait to get them! There just had to be a book about a frog and a butterfly! Books are very power filled tools that can bridge language, self esteem, focus, visual stimulation, hand and eye coordination and so much more! The Illustrator for this book is as magical as the story itself. Our hope for this book is that children and families will learn some new instrument names, start learning the names of all of our creatures in the world, big and small, act out parts of the book at home, that "tree houses" for kids may come back into fashion, and that we can remember that true family values are perhaps as simple, as Freddie states... "Well you would do the same for me, as I just did for you."