Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for The Exorcist 1973...

My theme is Movies that have impacted me for better or worse. Today's choice was one that gave me many a nightmare and I have only seen it ONCE !



The movie was released in 1973 when I was a Freshman in a Catholic all girl prep school. I borrowed the book from a friend and read it late at night, hid it between my mattress and box spring and carefully always made my bed every day so my mom would not find it.

By then my sisters 7, 9, and 11 years my senior were out of the house and I had my very own room... privacy as one of eight is indeed a precious commodity.

To see the movie my friends and I put on our most mature outfits and loads of makeup, but we knew as we stood in line we would be carded and would at 14 and 15 need to prove we were 17+. Spotting a group of college guys, we asked them if they would pretend to be our dates, they got a good laugh, we handed our money for the tickets and managed to get in that way.  I think it was my second R rated movie but certainly the scariest, most violent and rattling one I ever experienced.
Always compounded by the music in the radio... an unforgettable tune TUBULAR BELLS ... still haunts me.
I lived in the Washington D. C. area and knew the Georgetown sights. E is for a movie that I wish I had not seen till I was much older.  The book was a different matter, I was fascinated by how William Peter Blatty  got the idea from a newspaper article. Also in our area the story that he named the possessed girl after a professor REGAN he disliked tremendously was a fun story I heard at parties by said professor's son.  So yes for better or worse a film close to me.