Sunday, April 5, 2015

First week of A-Z and end of DEFINED by OTHERS Blog Tour

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The DEFINED by OTHERS TOUR from March 26 to April 4th ended yesterday. A Big thanks to all the hosts and b00k r3vi3w Tours. If you want to visit any of the stops, including character interviews, Top Ten lists, author interviews , reviews and spotlights visit below. 


The April A-Z challenge for 2015 has over 1,800 participants. This year I decided to use two blogs again and I do have themes here at 4covert2overt ~ A place in the Spotlight the theme is MOVIES that have impacted me for better or worse.



A is for The Abyss

B is for Beaches

Casablanca? Nope it is Casino Royale 

At my WordPress blog DEFINING WAYS the theme is What's In A Name. Exploring the meanings of names and stories related to names. Some are personal others are interesting to me more because of their meanings.

A is for Anne, Amanda and Allison

B is for Bertha

C is for Catalina

D is for David